Posted by: guinness222 | March 18, 2019

Here is the column I referenced from my Birthday published on February 23, 2015,….enjoy! and think about it.

“Just a huge and humble “Thank You”, to everyone who sent Birthday wishes. I wrote something yesterday, but I guess with age the memory of fundamental Facebook operations decreases,……it went something like this;

“When I think about being 70 years old I am almost startled at what I’ve lived through in my life thus far,….for example,

1. That’s 7 decades, two different centuries, and two different millenniums that I’ve been here on this “Big Blue Marble”,..called Earth PLUS how about these,….

2. Seven Catholic Popes,

3. 13 United States Presidents

4. The assassinations of JFK, MLK, and RFK (President John F. Kennedy, Reverend Martin Luther King, and Senator Robert F. Kennedy and Death of “Ted Kennedy” the last of the Kennedy Brothers, of brain cancer.

5. While I lived the following folks lived and walked the earth as well, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, “FDR”( Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Ho Chi Minh, The IRA (Irish Republican Army), the “Weathermen” (no they weren’t the TV folks on the Weather Channel! And saw a Billionaires daughter rob a bank on live camera footage!

6. I was alive BEFORE Word War II ended, lived through the “Korean Conflict” (and it was a lot like MASH the TV Series, The Bay of Pigs failed invasion to liberate Cuba from Fidel Castro, (and his Coup of Cuba and it’s army and rulers in 1959-1960, The subsequent “United States and Russia ICBM (Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles) blockade of Cuba” (the ULTIMATE game of “Chicken” with the Soviet Union , between Nikita Kruschev, and President John F. Kennedy on LIVE TV, The capture of Francis Gary Powers, shot down by the Russians in one of our first “U2″ spy planes”, a couple little WARS in El Salvador, and one between Great Britain and an Argentina set of Islands called the “Falklands”, The Vietnam Nam War, The War in Iraqi, Afghanistan, the ORIGINAL establishment of the United Nations, the CREATION of a little Country called Israel, the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) , the end of Auschwitz, Dachau, and dozens or other horrors in and to Humanity , and dozens of more atrocities.

7 I served my country for 6 years of my life, some of which was a “hitch” on a US Navy Aircraft Carrier that was THREE years older than me, the USS ESSEX, survived WW2, (I was also privileged to ride her out of Commission in 1969.

8. I worked a full time job, a part time job, and went to college nights on “the GI Bill”,

9. I’ve been married to the same Loving woman for 48 years (53 now) have had three great kids (our youngest passed at 40 from Spinal Meningitis, two charming Granddaughters, one 26, the other 10, and one Grandson, age 3, and at this age (74 now) am the “Patriarch” of the Family name.

10. Have been using “TM Transcendental Meditation” twice a day since 2011,

11. Had Triple By-pass Surgery over 10 years ago, still go to the gym ( a late bloomer to “exercise”),

12. …..and many other things to list without “breaking” the Blog

But the bottom line is , you ever wonder why us “old farts” to bed early and get to be “”curmudgeons “?

But a sincere thank you ,….and just think about your own life,…’s really an awakening experience, …..and YOU lived it!!!

If you look at the top of this and every blog you will see a “tag line” after the title, mine is simple and a good thing to remember,….”…you are not responsible for luck, ,…but you are for YOUR life!!”


March 18, 2019

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