Posted by: guinness222 | March 25, 2019

Sounds like the end of the world is getting a lot closer that I thought!

Ever wonder how we got to this point? We are obviously probably the #1 country in the world in technological development, in Medical advancement, in business, and attempts at “educational development”, (not to be confused with “TEACHING OUR kids!) But the question is a blunt one,….why are we failing in the world! Do me a favor and look at the “WANTED Ads” in the Newspaper, ….now tell me do you know what the JOB is about? Do you understand the “Goals and Objectives” of what the employer expects?…..oh and do you know what the pay range is???? A lot of them sound like “WANTED- advanced Nuclear fission mechanic, skilled in integrated component coordination design and installation”?

(DUH!! Ok you want some one to design and make advanced components for a nuclear detonation device, (nuclear BBQ starter, …or Bomb?) Oh hell guy, can I make a nuclear bomb go off,….why not, I’ve used firecrackers and cherry bombs , what’s the difference Dude!!)

If you think that’s a “little vague….”, try reading the job descriptions themselves, OH, and remember as an employer/advertiser in the Want Ads section of the news paper you pay either by the letter, or “column inch” advertising rates! Now look at On-line help wanted ads under the Computer job openings programs, like “Indeed”, the “Glassdoor” and the myriad of others, (key difference the computer has NO restriction on length, number of words, let alone the “circuitous, net zero vacuum of millennial speak, or “say Wha’?”)

Militarily we are #1, (or so we are led to believe) but we are virtually as corrupt as Rome was, just before the real decline and fall of the Empire! (Point of fact 50% of the Congress of the United States are in fact legitimate MILLIONAIRES! BUT, by the way ONLY 1% of the population of the United States are millionaires!!!

Remember “Taxation without representation” ,………”Hey kids wake up, we’re here!!! We are the 99% of the “Populace” that is really being represented, and “controlled” by 1% of the actual PEOPLE representing them!!!! FACETIOUS COMMENT COMING: ask any “Twinkies” who are yours to leave the room before you read on! They will object, of course, and tell you garbage like “I have a degree in Anthropology from Harvard University you don’t think I can understand what you re going to say?” (My advice, say something really “pithy” like, “….by the way is you’re bedroom in the basement cleaned up?”

Back to the title, we need to understand, simply stated, we don’t know what the hell our kids are doing, what they are learning, and what they think! We don’t think of “Friday night sex” as simply a “diversion” (because there’s nothing on TV on Friday nights!) .

Guess I qualify as an “old fart”,….so live with it! But please think about it!


March 25, 2019

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