Posted by: guinness222 | April 1, 2019

Having a “choice crisis”,….need any help?

As , God rest his soul, Charles Krauthammer once said,…” …in our youth, everyone is a Democrat, but eventually, they become Republicans, …and ultimately,…Conservatives.” Not to even try and “up stage” Charles,….BUT as I pass 70, (actually 74) I am leaning more to “liking” the Libertarian concept! But that’s a whole other blog!!

Call me an “indecisive kid!’, but I AM exploring my life, and the “life” of the world I live in, contributed and by my votes tried to make a good selection for all of us,since I’ve been born! And now, …. I am working on setting up a “PODcast” which I’ll tell you , the where, and when it will be available for you, for FREE!!

One of my friends asked me “Why do you want to do “a Podcast’ at all?” The real answer is pretty simple, a) because I can, and , b) because I love to talk, and I have a very good speaking voice, thanks to about 6 years of professional elocution lessons, and recitals from my parents. I’ve been on both radio and TV, (radio was far better for me, and a lot more “exploratory” in terms of my particular “gifts”, a/k/a speaking, not “appearing” , and I have never been able to get “visually” excited, for a video audience! And finally because it is a GREAT way to enter your twilight years, because you can mix your life experience, your life’s learning, and whatever you’ve spent all those years developing and DOING!!

We, because I’ve been married 54 Years, and I love my wife ’til death, it’s not my experience, it’s a “collective” WE”, and I have not a single regret!!) have an entire “life experience” at 74 years old, you name it we’ve more than likely experienced it, and the rest of you (below my 74 years) have probably NOT experienced it, maybe you have, and if so you are a “comrade in arms” who can appreciate “it”!

Truly the old mantra from the 60’s Woodstock culture (albeit not a lifestyle, but an ‘age of discovery, fun, freedom, regrets, and memories,…but), they said it better, “….sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll!” The “mantra” for that early generation was “turn on, tune in, and drop out”, ergo the birth of the “chemically enhanced lifestyle” . However, being who we were, we never succumbed to the long term evils and life-long addictions of them, at least not much I hope!! But in retrospect it seems we enjoyed it enough that those that followed us are FAILING our Country, their obligation to it, and that of those who will follow us!!

Our parents all had “idiosyncrasies”, or “quirks” and “fears” that we either experienced in our lives, or were so deeply ingrained in us that we can instantly recognize them when we see, or HEAR them. Books, …Blog’s, …and Podcasts will, and already are, the “Oral history of OUR Society, and it’s confusing generations today”. And I dare say, the same type of future generations, as were the prior generations of our time, …..and we never readily, really realized it, until TODAY !

The past few weeks I’ve spent dozens, if not hundreds of hours trying to develop an effective “Podcast Title” for my project. After all that time I keep coming back to the same thing!! Here’s where I am on that, and I WELCOME YOUR COMMENTS.

Of all the businesses, projects and other “ventures” that I’ve done in my lifetime, the little Irish Pub I envisioned and actually “willed” into existence, despite no money, no expertise, and just having been a part time bartender for years, that summer of June 1993, in Dover New Hampshire was my favorite, and the most rewarding venture I’ve ever done! Not particularly profitable, ….but never the less “profitable” in my world, (some call it delusional,….but,……)

It provided both agony, pain and suffering, and a myriad of crisis and problems, both as a business and a personal experience, and a learning curve you can only experience , by living through it. It HURT me financially, and in terms being a father and effecting the lives of our youngest, and last remaining “at home” child we had at that time! (I’ll outline those factors later, but for now it was a 125% commitment by both wife and I, but “when and if, the next venture will solely be mine,….she paid her dues and spent her time in HELL, and I don’t want to subject her to this new one.

( In all honesty she told me if my next venture was another “Pub” she really hoped it had at least a bedroom on the second floor, since I would have to live there! Believe it SHE IS SERIOUS!!).

So that has extended the “search” for the next “perfect dream business”, so of course SHE is my wife, and I will share anything this Podcast reaps 50/50 with her, simply because I still love her to pieces, and she has been my only partner through all of the ups and downs of being a “serial dreamer”. If this is successful it is in fact “OUR RETIREMENT OPTION”! I always believed the expression, ‘If it’s to be, it’s up to ME!”

Therefore the title of the new PODCAST will be “LIVE from The Emerald Rose”, ….a memorable tradition, a window on life, an experiment that worked , and a memory for thousands who were part of it all!

I am planning on the first production being up and on the Internet by Memorial Day 2019, You are the first to know!!


Details as to where, how to access, etc. coming in APRIL 2019!


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