Posted by: guinness222 | July 19, 2019

Ok Folks,….I need a little help here! It’s not for me, but for my oldest Granddaughter, who is 27+!

Last weekend my Grand Daughter posted a garish “pop-art” depiction of Donald Trump on her Facebook account. Along with it a comment to “Stop the Hate Speech!”

Well, if President Trump is doing “Hate Speech”,….please tell me what that is, and what did he say, that was “hateful”?

A) What is REAL hate speech?

B) Need a copy of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence? I ALWAYS carry a half a dozen of them in my briefcase and computer bag. Ask me for a booklet, it’s simple clear, less than 4″ x 3 1/2″ and less than FIFTY (50) pages long. READ IT AGAIN, ………even attention deficit disorder, ignorance, or stupidity can’t excuse YOU!!! YOU ARE AN AMERICAN,……don’t you think YOU should know what those documents ACTUALLY SAY, and what they actually mean?

C) ‘Cause if someone has a different “opinion” than YOU that does not qualify it as “hate speech”!

D) “D” is for DUMB,……How long did you believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy? Was that all brought to your attention by people spewing “HATE SPEECH”?

E) Is for “EDUCATION” , something that has no longer any need to be taught as “it just doesn’t matter!” Those who are now teaching are as biased and far more likely to be abusing “HATE SPEECH” with “revisionist history”.

F) Is for Funny, as 95% of those who dislike “hate speech” , don’t know what it is, can’t define it and most certainly in NO WAY can defend their position with anyone that has at least a six grade education!!

G) is for Grand Parents who cared and sacrificed when it was needed, in WWI, WWII, the Korean Conflict, The Vietnam NamWar (Which I donated SIX years of my life to my country, and no promises,…. and the fiasco know as the “Middle East”, (an area based on creation by “HATE SPEECH” and lack of intolerance of any sense of values,…..but $$$$$$! PLEASE spend some time with them and ASK THEM what HATE SPEECH is, and what it costs. Oh and as “food for thought”, could you make any where near those same sacrifices to day if they are needed or demanded f you,…….or will you just pretend “it ain’t happening, people just don’t understand!”

R) is for realization that it just doesn’t matter to you,….that you live by a herd mentality, (I.e. you don’t think or rationalize anymore,….you simply “follow the herd” no matter where it goes because you are AFRAID to think! Rene’ Descartes as 16th century philosopher totally defined life in only FIVE words,…..”I think therefore I am!”. DO YOU THINK ABOUT MORE THAN MTV AND THE MEDIA PABLUM CALLED THE ‘CONSENSUS”??


1) I hate vegetables (there goes a lot of dinner invitations!)

2) “YOU ARE STUPID! EITHER PROVE ME WRONG, OR DON”T BE AFRAID TO PROPERLY DEFEND YOURSELF! ( and not with the typical lame comments of “You just don’t understand”, or “times are different today”. IF YOU KNOW TEACH ME, PLEASE!!

3) Some races aren’t ready to assume “equality”,…they are too stupid, they need to learn a lot more to be close to “equal”!

4) “Women don’t know Jack,…I don’t know why we let them even vote! ”

That a few basics to fire you up?

Life is about passion, it’s about “the love of life” and it’s about the acceptance that DIFFERENCE is what makes us free and that difference is available for us to learn! Thank God for what you have, strive to be better and make more of yourself, for the future generations that are depending on you to make sure that there is no such thing as “Hate Speech”!

Last note, re-watch the movie “Forrest Gump” and remember “STUPID AS AS STUPID DOES.”


July 19, 2019

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