Posted by: guinness222 | July 26, 2019

“Let he among, you who is without sin cast the first stone.” – Jesus Christ – John 8:7

As a “Roman Catholic”for my entire life n this earth, (baptized within the first month of my birth, raised in a Catholic family, received all the “Sacraments of the Church” available to me, including 50+ years of marriage to the same woman without even a single event of infidelity, I am concerned.

My wife, who is also a fervent Roman Catholic from birth, and myself are GRAVELY concerned about the 2016 and, other ancillary “directives ” relative to “Cremation and Disposal” of the body left behind after the ‘Official/ Medical, Death” of the person, …..not the “Soul”!

Overall, Religion has become very “watered down” in our current society, and our particular Country, The United States of America, over the past 70 years of my, and my wife’s, lifetime! While I do NOT agree with a majority of the “changes ” in a “flexible” society allowing, some things are CLEARLY beyond the “reasonable” interpretation and “enforcement” of the hierarchy of that Church. Particularly for which other, more critical and REALLY valid practices and “allowances” are not as ardently “policed” or otherwise “ardently” supported and “monitored”!

Let me just raise a few and I openly invite any of the “hierarchy” of MY church to please step up and defend, (lest I com e to the “conclusion” that the Roman Catholic Church from ROME, and the VATICAN is simply, as we say here in the South “just a good old boys club” with a “stranglehold” on Roman Catholics and the ability of their power and misuse of the “Papal Infallibility” , as a “because I said so” tenant.

My understanding of The issue of “Papal Infallibility”, is simply “when the POPE speaks on matters of faith and dogma, FROM THE THRONE OF ST PETER” (the first POPE after the resurrection and ascension Of Jesus Christ into heaven, which is the PRIMARY Throne upon which a Pope sits when he openly talks on a particular subject TO the “faithful”.

The argument of “the Resurrection” of those who believe in the resurrection”, is not a “restrictive” action, for example if a sailing ship goes down crossing the Atlantic Ocean, (like the TITANIC, or every other ship that has ever been sunk with it’s crew or passengers) it is an ABSOLUTE scientific fact that their bodies will be quickly decomposed, and serve as “food for the fish”! That means they don’t just float around I the water submerged and drowned, and as the “food chain” requires they are eaten for the survival of the rest of the species, PERIOD!!!

We’re all those Catholics and Christians who were not able to complete their voyage , were they “heathens”, or worse “non-believers”,…..the crabs, and the fish do not differentiate between them,….they were simply and ecologically,…food!

Bit I digress,……

The basic question is “WHY? and “WHO SAID SO?,and the more birthdays I have the more that is unacceptable! “My Dad passed away in 1972,…..and I am NOT fond of the answer to any question posed to me being, “Because I said so,…that’s it!”

That was his privilege as my father to reply with !!!!

PART 2 Next time!!

If this struck. Chord with you let me know at “”.

July 26, 2019


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