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So why are medical costs so outrageous?

I wrote a similar,”blog”in 2009, after my Triple Bypass surgery. (I’ll go back and re-read it myself after I write this entry), which will not only be a “blog” entry at “”, The Emerald Rose, but on my new “Podcast” called “The Emerald Rose Pub sessiuns.”

My blog is on “, and the access to “podcasts” is through “stitcher”,(app available through the AppStore at no cost.)

But according to my previous habit, and “concessions”, “I digress”!

On May 13, 2019, I checked in to our local Hospital at 7:00am for a “Total Left Hip replacement”. (Already did the other “trivia”, ie, blood tests, (other Physicians I go to for to, “giving ‘permission for Surgery and anesthesia and other ” Mandatory Prerequisites”, and THEN all I had to do was show them my Medicare card, and my “Supplemental Insurance card”, (THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP A HOSPITAL MUST TAKE,…HOW ARE WE GOING TO GET PAID??, get one of their silly (and uncomfortable) wrist bracelets) and led off to “Pre-surgical Prep,

(Just a quick aside,….if we can “implant” a microchip in a dog or cat, is it not ‘possible’ to implant a microchip in US once we sign up for MEDICARE? Forget all the “biitching”, just hold out your arm,…..even if you are DOA, UNK {no ID unknown), you are “chipped” and your life, medical history and, of course your INSURANCE and MEDICARE info is “readily available, FOR ALL PEOPLE WHO NEED TO KNOW.

I’m an American who believes you SHOULD be screened for drugs EVERY month if you are on the “Public dole” for food stamps and welfare, SOCIAL SE CURITY, AND MEDICARE, being exempt( it is not as “scary” as it sounds, and if our “idiot congress”simply , “man’s up” (guess that makes me a “sexist misogynist, BUT, it’s not the same as having the Warden and two guards take you down the hall to the “plain, unmarked door” that will not be your last memory!!

When you , groggily” come round afterwards, you are in a “Post-Op” enclosure. It’s very sterile, very plain, no Davinci, or Raphael’s on the walls,….but who cares! You’re on this earth,….and you are alive!!

Now, to the “meat n’ potatoes” of this blog! It is not rocket science folks to use common sense today,…it’s the same as it was a “hundred years ago”. Suck it up buttercup, it’s 2019, NOT some mythical year three hundred years from now!!

LIFE LESSON #1 – “God does not make junk!!”, Next time you take a shower, look down, if there is a penis hanging between your legs, regardless of it’s length, or girth,….you are a MALE, “guy, ….stud, …..dude” whatever the accepted nomenclature happens to be at that time you are in shower! If there is no penis there,…you are a FEMALE, get used to it folks!

OK, so you feel cheated, and “deep down inside” you feel as though you are the “wrong” gender!!

No, it’s not your parents fault, and if you have the “balls” to believe GOD screwed up,….well THAT is patently ridiculous, for religious beliefs or not, How in the name of everything that he created, the Grand Canyon, and the sunrises and sunsets, and everyone who has been here before you,….can you even think that?

OK, raise Hitler, Pol Pot, and every other “evil” person you heard of or know. He allows creation to be a decision and biological fact executed by mankind. Do you think either Hitler’s Mother or Father would have regretted his birth? Or the folks who massacred people in the last ten years in school, places of worship, or other “incidents of ‘domestic terrorism’ and their relatives, would they have regretted their progeny or spouse, from their having been alive

Life happens, as the old expression goes, “you deal with the hand you’re dealt,…and do the best you can with it!

Sure you may THINK you are the next “Actress of the year”, or “the next Rambo”,…..but all you really are is YOU!!!

I am not a discriminatory person,….UNLESS you want to flaunt it and repeatedly throw your, “it’s not my fault” in my face. You are what you are live with it!!

If you are a really good RAP singer or other highly successful person, buy all the fur coats you want, all the jewelry you can possibly afford, the biggest mansion you can muster up,……but REMEMBER,……the last time I looked there were NO hearses entering the cemetery with “U-HAUL” It trucks or trailers behind it. Only you in that box and and your daily sunlight is gone forever.

For folks opting for cremation, you are as the good book says, “Dust thou art,,,,and to dust thou shalt return.”

Just a thought, plus simply,…. why should I and hundreds of thousands of other hard working folks, AND our “Duly elected” government spend the money!

They are all going to the same “Cemetery” you are, (or Crematorium)

You’ll have to wait for the Resurrection,….like the rest of us,….no one cuts in line and no-one gets special privileges because they “thought” they were “different!

Life can be cruel sometimes.,,,,,,,but it’s something we all have in common!


August 2, 2019

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