Posted by: guinness222 | August 9, 2019

Use by printed expiration date!!

Perhaps a bit cynical,….but the reality of life has a way of slapping you HARD on your cheek when it happens! In today’s world we simply sigh and say something asinine like,”…..guess that’s life too bad, I guess.” (Grammatical note: the period at the end of the sentence should be an exclamation mark, but there is such a thing as “indicative punctuation”,….unless todays mores have eliminated that as well.

A man in upstate Washington, (on the left coast) called the Sherrif and indicated he was going to commit suicide, he was 77 and his wife was 76. He told the Sherrif it was because he and his wife could not afford their medical bills, and there was no other apparent way out!

Police ere dispatched, cordoned off the house, set up thier perimeter and began their standard tactics,….alas no response! They finally made their way up to the house and gained entry.

Inside they found the couple both dead, (cause of death later when it is reported). In addition they found several notes indicating the couple could apparently see no way to pay their medical bills, and go on,… murder suicide was their only option!!!

End of news report.


And the Southern border of our country has almost a million people trying to gain admittance to OUR country! For them it means they will be supported with medical ,dental and vision care, overall FREE insurance, wage subsistence, living costs, etc! I’ll bet when I follow up on this, it will take more digging than it takes to build a new septic system!!

The question is WHY? Because it’s not worth much to a newspaper except an obituary notice, and since they don’t have the money to pay for it, (I’m assuming they have relatives who will be asked to pay. And whatever we have today as a “Potters Field” will be their final resting place, ( or whatever Washington State has a a stipend for this entirely “FREE funeral, burial, cremation.)

While I never met either one of them, I can relate on a number of levels. I’m 75, my wife is 73,……we only have Medicare, and a supplemental Medicare policy. I’m nor working a) because I can’t find a job , I’ve had open heart surgery, and a full hip replacement,…..and there ain’t nothing else wrong with me (that I know of), my wife is working a full time job at a “Home Owners Management Company as the Office manager”.

So why can’t I get a job? (My wife says it’s partially my attitude,…in her defense,at 13 years old I was “rounding up shopping carts” in a Supermarket,….and unless we really run up against a wall I’ll be damned if that will be my last job, in this life!! My wife says “get over yourself,…money is money!

I have been a licensed Florida Community Association Manager for over fifteen years, had my own company for 12 years, owned a Country Western Dance Club that sat 1000 customers, and Irish Pub with LIVE REAL Irish music and semis suns, owned and ran an Industrial medical supply Company for 10 years, and “grabbed the ring” of American opportunity, My problem was I never knew OR learned how to make money make money for me other than what I could do personally! Hence retirement is Social Security!

We bought a house in Florida in 2000, but we’ve had to remortgage a few times and now only have equity of about $70,000 left in it!! Plus what my wife makes.

BELIEVE me, I can understand how this couple felt!! Life is opportunity, and as the old Frank Sinatra song says , “That’s Life!”

I’ll update this as soon as anything else is published.

We’re all proud, we all want to pull our own weight, but since the Government, and their policies and the “fifth column” is a behemoth who doesn’t really care what do you do?

Donald Trump withstanding!! He does’nt need more money, more success, or “ego-boosters”,…..(Gee maybe I’ll write another Podcast and Chat with you about what REAL sacrifice is about and simply ask you “WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ORIGINAL SIGNERS OF THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDANCE?

Or maybe simply,….”Do you feel as though you have more FREEDOM in todays environment ,…..or is that an illusion?

Just saying!


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