I’ve found a dozen citations, and many bastardized similarities and quotes, as to the title of this blog, but none specifically  that I may attribute its authorship, but I’ve been “cogitating” on it for the past several days, and am sufficiently opinionated to now put pen to paper, (oops! Sorry, “fingers to keyboard”, and yes I can still write on paper in “CURSIVE”!

It is an EPIC truth that “DIGNITY AND MEANING TO LIFE”,  has been lost in the past fifty years, and one concept we need to reflect on and discuss,and bring back to our single dimensional society, and back to reality ….hence this “blog” entry.

Growing up in Boston in the mid 1950’s I experienced a lot of things, 1) being restricted to my yard for the 1954-1956 period, (until Dr. Jonus Salk discovered, and created the vaccine for POLIO, my Mom had contracted it in 1947 and went to her grave in 1999 STILL trying to overcome some of  it’s physical restrictions and limitations, ad residual outcomes it left her with as a “reminder of polio” hence the “grounding” sentence during the ’54-’55 polio epidemic to save her five children from it’s agony and scourge,….but what did we know then,…. it’s only after years of life and learning that I have come to appreciate her nature on a lot of things because of her polio.) 2) going to a private Catholic Grammar School, that was part of an Orphanage, and foster home in Boston, run by the Sister of Charity of St. Vincent DePaul, called “Nazareth” (same nuns as the “Flying Nun” TV series with Sally Fields, with the winged head pieces), and then as we progressed, ” ’til we getting to stay out “,…until the street lights came on and not a minute later!”

Such was growing up, in Boston and it’s suburbs, in the 50’s and early 60’s. But other things happened then as well, I began mowing lawns, and selling personalized stationary and cards door to door in my neighborhood, it FELT GOOD! I WAS MAKING MONEY OF MY OWN! I got to “reap what I sowed”, if I wanted to make more money, …I had to work harder and longer, and  pretty soon I had enough to buy a new,  Wilson, Left-handed, three finger baseball glove, a “Nellie Fox” autographed version with my money. (I still have the glove and that was at least 60 years ago!It serves as my reminder that ALL work can give you dignity!!.

From then on I was hooked, it wasn’t about the MONEY, but the inner feeling of self accomplishment and respect, from my peers and even my parents! The other word for that is DIGNITY!! A word we don’t use any more because it is a “snowflake” word, and it is just a “bunch of letters” and has no REAL meaning to folks anymore. We have “dumbed down” our society that much!!

A good friend has been working for almost five years to get her BA in “Human Resources”, she is intelligent, street savvy, and “knows her way around the block”, BUT I fear she will be ground up in “the food processor” of the Job Hunt “PROFESSIONALS”. Too many idiots trying to cover their ass to keep their job, and not a one with the “guts” to “stretch the rules”a bit  to allow for the applicants not being “perfectly in the mold” to give them an opportunity.

Think about this, would you have hired a “rebel, an outspoken, ‘my way or the highway’ attitude, a guy who never took “NO” as an answer, to even the impossible, (at the time)? If you would not have hired him you just missed hiring STEVE JOBS!!!  How’s your “proper resume, specific requirements” doing. You would have  missed the man who used to be, prior to his death, but whose legacy has made APPLE COMPUTER THE MOST VALUABLE STOCK ON THE PLANET, with Billions of dollars in CASH!!

Since then we have ” dumbed down” the jobs to “skirt” defamation and the other “LAWS”/requirements of discrimination, “bias”, prejudice, and BULL SHIT for a feel good society we have evolved into, over the last fifty decades of crap!!

My credentials were less than stellar when I got out of the Navy, who would hire a “Sound propagation in seawater specialist, and Weather Forecaster”, who made every “rank” possible in the minimum time he was in the Navy, but I convinced a BIG bank to do it, became a supervisor within a year, and was hired away a year later by a “little company” called ADP , and have never looked back. Broke out and started my own business, and bought a few others, and started several from scratch. I LOVE DOING BUSINESS AND WORKING. The title of this blog is more of a philosophical statement of a “maverick” who knows hard work, never looked the other way, or back,  and have been thinking “outside the box” since I was NINE years old!!

And as I said in a previous “blog” as a 72 year-old whose only job prospects are to “shag shopping carts” for minimum wage,  until I drop dead,…….it SUCKS!!

True,… at 72 I’ve slowed down, ….but only from 65mph to 50 mph. I don’t set limits on when I can work, nor will I, but I need that “job” to regain my dignity, and meaning in life. Sitting on a bar stool writing these pieces, or at home in my office writing them, what’s the difference? The quickest way to die is to just stay home, try and amuse yourself, (or be “retired”) I have personally known may who have passed years before their “time” from “dying” years early because they “retired mentally” from life! I will not prostitude myself, my education, my mind and my knowledge and experience over 50 years to “shag carts”,……THAT is demeaning(to me)!!!

Rant over, I’m trying to figure out a business I can start,  for ONLY us “old farts” so we can show these “snowflakes” what gut’s , determination, the knowledge of simply living to 65, and the REAL desire to leave a mark and be part of our society are all about! Any ideas send me a comment, or e-mail me at “ag2guinness@gail.com”

As I told my wife don’t bury me for 36 hours as I’m “just thinking on a new business to start,….let me finish in peace.”

I WILL NOT go quietly into the night, …..I WILL rage against it! Thank you Dylan Thomas!


Addendum:  While this is MY opinion, THIS is why our “OLDER FOLKS” are getting sicker, and sicker. Yes old age has it’s physical denigration, without a doubt, BUT the job market leaves you only the options of driving your own hearse to the graveyard,…well a different story. We aren’t young and buff, and limber, BUT we are more than 90%  of your businesses smarts experience and intelligence! Think about it, andASK our opinions, use us as Consultants , and other thought areas, …….the mind can not be strengthened at a “gym”,or “CrossFit” studio! IT TAKES THE EXPERIENCE OF A LIFE which a twenty something, or even a thirty something can NOT have!!

August 11, 2017

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So What does Armageddon look like?

Why is it that almost every fifty years or so a “whacko” comes along that threatens an  “Armageddon? So I looked it up to see the Merriam Webster definition, it says, “1 a: The site or time of a final and conclusive battle between the forces of good and evil, b: the battle taking place at Armageddon, 2: a usually vast decisive conflict or confrontation”. The word was first used in the 12th century. (How REALLY bad could a battle be back then?) Certainly several hundred or even a thousand “body count” after a HUGE battle, but it was a hand to hand thing, or swords, knives, lances, slings, 12th century “Molotov Cocktails” , and the like. (Not that it wasn’t a final and conclusive event for then,……BUT, boy, have we improved war and battles actions fifty fold or what?)

But in 2017 we were numb to REAL “WAR” we believed the “PABLUM” we were fed that the hand to hand was all that was used, in Vietnam Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and anywhere else in the world where “WAR” was occuring over the past 70+ years. We read or realized that a LOT of weapons and items were “new and improved”, and some even invented that were inconceivable in 1945!

We have then forgotten the post of WWII pictures of Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, and the statistics on the extinction of ALL life that occurred on those two days, those who were VAPORIZED,  the long slow, and painful deaths that occurred for years afterwards, as those who survived “the BOMB” but had “radiation poisoning”, and probably wished they hadn’t survived.

On August 6, 1945the United States dropped the first Nuclear bomb on Hiroshima, and on August 9, 1945 a second one on Nagasaki! Both were industrial cities, the attack was to “break the back” of the Japanese industrial machine.  The first one, Hiroshima, literally wiped out over 90% of the city, it’s infrastructure, buildings and inhabitants, and  it IMMEDIATELY killed 80,000 HUMAN BEINGS, but TENS OF THOUSANDS died later of radiation exposure!

And then three days later,  a second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, killing an estimated 40,000 more human beings, instantly! And of course, the subsequent thousands more that  died of radiation over the next few years. The final, and TOTAL body count? The point is WHO REALLY CARES!!! We have developed truly an “Armageddon Weapon”, No Make that THOUSANDS designed to KILL with ever greater effectiveness, DESTRUCTION AD HUMAN TOLL, and “take no prisoners”, “show no mercy”, and “LEVEL THE EARTH”!

My point is to let you know I am writing this blog on August 9th, 2017, the 72nd anniversaries of both Hiroshima (the 6th, AND Nagasaki (today)! . Were YOU aware of the “anniversaries”? I most certainly was not as I was “MERELY SIX MONTHS OLD, at the time”, and then We unleashed this horror”!!!!

And here we are 72 years later, facing the same decisions and realities as Harry S. Truman faced in the spring and summer of 1945. I was in the US Navy, on the Aircraft Carrier ESSEX, she was built, and sailed the Pacific in 1942, THREE YEARS PRIOR TO THE BOMBING OF HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI.

Think for a minute, about the advances we made in washing machines, radios, television, cars, and a myriad of other “STUFF”, by the ingenuity and talent of OUR American business, entrepreneurs and workforce,….  CAN WE NOT PRESUME, THEN POSTULATE,…. SERIOUSLY,….THAT WE COULD NOT LITERALLY OBLITERATE NORTH KOREA IN A MILLI-SECOND,….TODAY?

But is it a country of MILLIONS of people, the majority of whom are  STARVING TO DEATH, while “MR FAT BOY”  buys nuclear technology, rockets, and armaments, ……and REALLY TRY’s to THREATEN, THE USA??? Be serious, “fatty”, we certainly have the capability to  vaporize you in an instant, and the only reason we haven’t  is because we have a conscious, OR,  a)ARE WE TOO “SOFT”, OR b) DO WE WANT TO AVOID BEING THE COUNTRY TO USE A “NUKE” FOR A SECOND TIME IN LESS THAN 100 YEARS, 3 a) because of the IMMENSE loss of life and devastation, in a quick decision to quell a “whacko” before they threaten to annialate the whole world?

It’s your call,…..right now,….but think about OUR capacity after 72 years of growth and development!!! If we could bring JUST the television from an old, BLACK AND WHITE tube thing in a wooden box (console as big as a stove and almost two feet deep) , to an “edgeless”, 1/2′ thick, 1180 color and High Definition, “surround sound” streaming, on demand, and all controlled from a had piece remote ( as big as a large Reese’s Peanut butter Candy Bar) to an INSTANT GRATIFICATION DEVICE, such an advanced vehicle in both technological and contents, ….What do YOU think we’ve done to the upgrades of the RUDIMENTARY ATOMIC BOMB OF 1945?

My solution,  send in a “herd” of Seal teams and Rangers with orders to seek, find and Capture and return  him to the US for Trial on CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, OR kill  “The despot” before coming back, and bring PROOF! I personally favor”  capture and return”.

We can hold/detain his oversized “butt” in Guantanamo so as to avoid his Attorneys from claiming the RIGHTs of a US Citizen, under our CONSTITUTION,  which he has no RIGHT to, nor as a foreign combatant, which he is not, or   either a prisoner of war, just a “STUPID IGNORANT OVERWEIGHT dude who needs “GITMO” to “awaken” his ancestor spirits, and those of all the folks who have died since his crooked family took over NORTH KOREA.

Either way he has to go! In a “body bag”, or in shackles to 35 years of hard labor, or at least 20 years and then death row! Any objections?

Nuclear power has been very effective in providing energy, despite “growing pains” and “goody two-shoes” who are perfectly happy “throwing the baby out with the bath water”.

It’s a real no win for our side, the “do-gooders” and “better than thou” crowd will protest, hire the usual “thug brigade”, and crap about all the usual shit they usually do.

We should also make everyone in this country eligible to  be “DRAFTED” for a minimum of three years to learn what this country, and self discipline are all about, as well as ethics, reality, and making hard decisions! So they can decide for themselves, “HOW MUCH DO I APPRECIATE MY COUNTRY, AND MY RIGHTS?”



August 9, 2017

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American Health Insurance Problems,….and pitfalls!!

This is not your normal rant, it is a personal observation, by a PATIENT,  of the deterioration of ATTITUDE in most hospitals,brought on by the hospital administrators AND the Doctors them selves under the “insurance guidelines”, or “profit motivation”, I am going to presume. (Help me out here if you have any light to shed upon this  comment. I am concerned about it, and it’s impact on us here in America, land of the free, and home of insurance companies and hospital administrators.)

In the winter of 2007, or so, my wife who had a few minor medical issues found an internist she raved about. His practice was “closed” to new patients as he was that good and that popular. But during the winter of 2008-2009 my wife came home from an appointment, and told me he was going to open up his practice a little and as she had asked if he could take me on, and he agreed.

He WAS a REALLY GREAT Doc, apparently his wife had died of cancer, leaving him to raise two girls AND be a Doctor at the same time. He is  deeply religious, in fact he is  Greek Orthodox, which is a very demanding Christian/Catholic sect. It has it’s own “Pope/Patriach” and “hierarchy”, and many customs and much pageantry, which has some significant differences with Roman Catholicism. (Maybe in another blog, but not today!)

BUT he was a super “Doc”, and I got on very well with him, and it only took a couple of visits for me to know this was a man whom I could trust with my body and those  of my family. He was the “straightest of straight shooters I have ever met, no he pulled no punches with you either, without being offensive or having that self-righteousness of “I’m the Doctor,…respect me!”.

I went to one of those “Lifescreening” sessions, at our local church in the early fall of 2008, as did my wife, A “Copies of all our results will be sent to your Primary Doctor, as well as to you.”  My wife got hers, but I didn’t, so a few weeks later, I started pursuing them and was getting the standard, “we mailed them out to you four weeks ago, you might want to check with your Doctor and see if they went to him as well, if not we can re-send them to you, at a modest printing fee!”

Anyhow before another day went past, my “new Doctor” , had called that  evening about 8 PM, AT HOME, and indicated to me that there seemed to be some blockage in my left Carotid Artery, and he recommended I contact a colleague Dr. Stuart Harlin” who was a vascular surgeon, (He said he had already sent him the data, and given me a “Referral”, and called to alert him I would be calling), it could be nothing, or a poor reading, so I’ll send him copies as well)

So, as the story go, I called him, and he booked an appointment to see me in a week or so. Three days later I get a call from “my Doctor” AGAIN asking me to see another Doctor at the Pensacola Sacred Heart Hospital, inn Pensacola,  (about an hour and a half drive away) So I call this Doctors office and they already have me “pencilled in”,for an appointment, within the week! (Now I’m getting nervous!).

Long story short, (and the details are in a couple other blogs I’ve written if you want the “gory details”) it resulted in putting the carotid problem on hold and getting a triple bypass first, and within two weeks!! (OK, I guess it was that serious!!)

But I’m still here, and working fine, trying to eat right, goodbye MacDonalds, BurgerKing, Taco Bell, and a bunch more, as well as tying to stay with an exercise regimen, (that’s harder than the food, believe it or not!!)

As I was recovering, adding new words to my medical vocabulary, like “Cardiologist”, “Interventional Vascular Surgeon”, “Ultra-sound Technician”,……you get the picture! Then I had a problem with fluid buildup in my chest cavity that essentially allowed body fluids created as a healing mechanism, by the body, to accumulate in the chest cavity, where the lungs were supposed to expand and fill with air, (essentially the same thing as drowning was occuring!) Long story short, lots of Hospital time involved. But I survived, or “lived to tell about it”, as they say, and have been doing well, ever after!

Fast forward 5 years, the best “Doc” I’ve ever seen has now moved on and left “THE SYSTEM”,…..but I changed gyms and ran into him a few months ago. He was doing the Stair stepper, and I was on the treadmill next to him doing my 4 miles a day. We both recognized each other and we stated chatting. SEVERAL big reasons we are where we are righ now surfaced and we chatted on as we worked out. Ever since the cancer gripping this country, “OBAMACARE” started metastasizing in the body of America, we have been doomed. For example Doctors are paid by the computer codes they enter into the “BIG BLACK MONSTER” and it is either a “short visit” (10 minutes or less”, or an “extended visit”) enter the proper diagnosis code, (which of course the computer will crosscheck, and if you are within the parameters authorized you will be credited for the visit, a $$$ value will be attached and you will be allowed to charge that amount, of course all you really need are ten more “girls” in the office entering it, correcting the errors, and THEY deal with you if you call and have a problem, etc. or are being told YOU have to pay because the “BIG BLACK BOX” has ruled it thus!!

Then he asked me a strange question! “What do you think the biggest prescription drug being  prescribed will be over the next five years? I wasn’t in the know so I ventured a guess, “How about Antibiotics?”,…..He leaned over looked me straight in the eye and said, “Marijuana and opiods”. I was shocked to say the least!

As we talked further, he told me they are the “FEEL GOOD” drugs, and,….that’s all the health insurance and “management folks” want us to prescribe, to para-phrase him,….Just keep the patients happy and quiet until they die,…surgeries, REAL Doctoring  and the like are the farthest this away from what  they want! They don’t want to “CURE” them, or “FIX” them, it costs too much, long term wise, and the “potential LIABILITY”, is far too big! The $200 you bill today is a lot easier to get than the cost of a surgical procedure, or the profits if the Hospital or Doctors, ergo the INSURANCE COMPANIES, are in peril!!

A Doctor is going the way of the old “TV REPAIR TECHNICIAN” anyway! Just give the Patient a full battery or X-rays, CT scans , MRI’s and what ever equipment we have that we can charge unknown costs to use on patients and bill the Government and Insurance Companies. Just move the money to the facilities, so we can buy more equipment and testing things,  to ramp that $200 a day room up to a few thousand for a five day stay! If you have to do a surgery, Get them out of the hospital ASAP, so we can “turn the tables (i.e. BEDs AND OR’s)  faster”!!

It also creates more jobs, Visiting nurses, Visiting Angels, and more billable to the government and profit back to the company owners, and investors, equipment rentals for patients at home, new “walk-in'” showers, ramps and other ancillary industries!!

The “BIG PHARMA” crew has figured out how to skirt the laws and regulations with “Speaking engagements” at conventions out of country to avoid taxation, etc., vacations to Hawaii for 5 days to give a 20 minute talk on the “appropriate efficacy of prescription writing and specific product justification”.

How is it, for example, that my local Hospital features “STARBUCKS” coffees in the ‘cafeteria’, at upscale pricing as well!!

And we wonder why Congress is screwed up and we can’t get healthcare reform done, and why Congress is allowed to “OPT OUT” of that which they mandate that “WE THE PEOPLE”, except them of course,  MUST  have for healthcare and health insurance.

CONGRESS: GET THE HELL OUT OF HEALTHCARE,  LET THE INSURANCE COMPANIES FLOAT IN THE FREE MARKET!! YES, THERE ARE “RISKS”…..but isn’t that what business is all about, and “to the victor go the spoils”. If you can’t figure it out you will eventually fail, but don’t pull the entire “WE THE PEOPLE,…” down the tube with you and your greedy investors/ LOBBISTS AND BIG PHARMA!

Will there be another REVOLUTION? I  doubt it. We stopped teaching our youngsters the why of the last one, and the reason this Country is what it used to be thirty or forty years ago, …and for the 200 YEARS before today, that “WE THE PEOPLE,…(at least the uneducated, and ignorant who don’t know principals other than the “Right to have “SAFE ZONES” to protect them against the realities of life, and hurt feelings, where everyone gets a trophy for breathing!! That’s where the bulk of the “NEW” millenniums going to lead this country are coming from,…..GOD HELP US ALL!!

As Patrick Henry said, “Give me Liberty, or give me Death!”


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The internet allows us to die in peace,….sometimes!

This may be a little biased, and a little ‘profane’, but this “blog” presents a couple of thoughts to really think about,….really.

Most of us, hold that thought, ALL of us will die,….it’s an absolute inevitable! But let’s say it’s a normal “regular, good old death”, sudden, heart attack stroke, etc. IF it has been a long drawn out process, like “the big ‘C'”, the word has been out for a while. But how do folks know you died? Now we are in new “cultural dilenma, “HOW DO ALL YOU FRIENDS AND AQUAINTENANCES KNOW?”.

Actually only 2 1/2 decades  ago the computer “infected” our culture, and forever began to make changes which will last until no computers exist anymore, or WE find ways to roll back the impacts!

For example, I took a job to manage a retail “outlet” store in 2000, after only working there part-time for a month and a half! I managed that store for 6 years thereafter, in a mall with about 100 other “Outlet stores,all high end, like Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, Saks Fifth avenue and many many more. They were all exclusive, including ours, which was a tool and household “outlet” of a Nationally known manufacturer. As you can imagine 90% of the problem with that is the fact that the “MALL” handled the majority of advertising, (Outlet malls concept is very simple, “We will bring shoppers to you because of the newness, the cleanliness, the large convieniant  parking and the GREAT mix of stores that EVERYONE already knows their product lines, by reputation market share, and we give you a real professional acceptance,…. IF, you are one of our tenants.” Downsides, they call the “mall hours”, the tenant has no choice and MUST be open during those hours, (as well as properly staffed and stocked), or be fined $$$$! AND that means the “Home Office” is disrupted, too many “little people” are blasted, while a “higher up” wants some bodies “head to roll”,…..all because the store closed without “OFFICIAL PERMISSION” (even during hurricanes!)

You throw something like that into a sleepy little beach vacation Island area, with probably upward of thousands of more retailers, malls, restaurants, and the usual recreational businesses, beaches, theatres, and NOTHING ELSE BUT THE COVERED MALLS TO ENTRETAIN YOU WITH NO ADMISSION, NO COVER CHARGE, NO MINIMUM PURCHASE REQUIRED, etc.) when it rains as the main “FUN and ENTERTAINMENT” for the whole family, “cooped up” in small condo’s, hotel rooms, or other “by the Day or Week” rental places.

CHAOS then ALWAYS, ensues, traffic slows to less than “stop ‘n go”, and if you live here you know never let the gas in you car go below 3/4’s of a tank to be safe,,…..well,  you see the problem potential.

As a MANAGER in this place, my biggest task is to find folks at minimum wage or slightly over, (minimum PREFERRED, “unless they had credentials from Macy’s or Gimball’s in New York”,  get all the appropriate drug screening scheduled, completed, and  done, run the appropriate background and reference checks, then get the “OK to HIRE” from a mammoth “HUMAN RESOURCES” machine in anywhere from a week and a half to three weeks later!! By then they are usually working for someone else. WHY? Because, as I said, it is  the nature of the area.

I ran ads, talked to State Employment people, followed all the “suggested corporate dictums to find good help”, etc. and at 55 years old, having been an entrepreneur and business owner for years. I realized the only people losing sleep over the whole thing were myself and my wife, (both from half asleep nights and “before the sun rose” risings, and two hour after dark getting home. AND that was at least six days a week if I was lucky, BUT seven days a week when/if the help just didn’t show up, quit (without telling us) or just quit because they didn’t realize how little a minimum wage  paycheck wouldn’t buy, PLUS  all the difficulties I just enumerated above that were a  “RETAIL JOB”.

About a month into the job I realized I had to find a better way, SO after work I roamed around town seeing who was available in  the area, and noting CAREFULLY if  I could do anything about it. I concluded that my best “target market” for employees was the “EARLY RETIREMENT” folks who are now bored silly sitting at home or traveling to children and relatives and friends to “visit”. Not only that but their disposable income had been seriously reduced, and they are all “BOOMERS” who were used to the wife bringing in a few buck as well. The “party” fund had dried up, and the dreams of that “65 restored Chevy were fading fast, BUT they had good work ethics, were high on the integrity quotient,….and wanted to do something they knew,….WORK again, but on their terms. I was more than happy to accommodate them, and they responded in spades!

It was the “GOLDMINE” OF A MANAGERS DREAM, I found retired advertising executives, Master machinists, Professional tradesmen who owned their own businesses for years and FORMER MILITARY OFFICERS, who retired early but the pensions were’nt keeping up with inflation and they wanted a “CHANGE OF DUTY STATION” and a chance to use all the skills they had learned over the earlier years. I’ll give you the point of this article in the next Paragraph.

So I staffed up with a seven man staff, (NO WOMEN DID APPLY EITHER!) As I got to the full up point of staff,  here’s what I had.  A full crew that totally respected each other, were totally mature, and had “been around the Horn”(old sailing expression meaning having gone around Cape Horn, one of the nastiest ocean passages known). In terms of Sales experience, technical knowledge and how to get answers to what they didn’t know quickly for customers they learned almost instantly. We ran with it for almost six years until the company when through a period where they decided to start closing the chain and re-focus their core business.

So now here we are ten years later and as of last week of my seven man staff, at least FIVE have passed away, and the point is not what about the other two of us, but HOW DID I KNOW THEY PASSED? Why? Because we in society now live in it has changed, RADICALLY.  We have computers, the Internet, Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, and a dozen more. In fact I had recieved several “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” notices on Facebook to wish “so and so, and so and so” HAPPY BIRTHDAY,……but some of them have been dead for almost eight years!!

Even the internet usually does not allow us poor humans to die quietly, and the only way to “Let them go” is to “UNFRIEND them”, But then, you get a wimpy discourse from Face Book letting you know “We won’t let them know you’ve unfriended them,…trust us!.” THEY ARE DEAD,….I DON’T THINK THEY REALLY CARE ANYMORE!!” Nor can the dead sue them after they are dead!!

IT IS A FLAW IN THE SYSTEM,.. HAL!! AND YOU CAN’T FIX IT WITH A LINE OF CODE!!!! The point is we used to see obituaries, or contact each other when someone passed,….not anymore,……the written word, local newspapers and home phones are a dying technology, and so they live on forever or until a close relative closes the account. One the other hand how do you think people feel going through other people’s computers? It’s just easier to pull the plug, and drop it at Goodwill, or donate it to a local charity. They all promise to “scrub them, Hillary”, …and not with just a dishtowel!!

So how about a business called “The Removal Company, we close out your loved ones computer existence, after you approve, of course!

But back to my “crew” and our store, there are only 2 of us, my Steve man Team aware of life as we know it, anymore, as of today. One of Heart attack two years after we closed, one of Diabetes complications just following that, one of self inflicted gunshot wound (apparently a delayed PTSD from Vietnam Nam,) one, whom we lost tracks of , but he’d be over 90 by now, one who had a Stroke, and one last week that was 77, but I haven’t heard why yet, and his services were this past weekend.

Life is short, But my “CREW” was the best there was, and I’m extremely proud of every one of them!  I don’t expect they were overworked or “micro-managed” by me ,as my Job was the Manager and I always tried to be the antidote for Large corporate bullshit from 30 something “Regional Managers” who had never been weaned properly!

Rest in Peace guys, Johnnie, “Mikey”, John, Glen, and Bob. I probably never said it enough,…..but many Thanks,…see you later in my life for sure.




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I need your help,….PLEASE!!

I’m 72 years old, good health, no life threatening condition on the horizon, and LOADED with a superior business background, long term team formation and leadership, and decision making ability and actual history.


I started my “legal work life”  “shagging grocery carts in the parking lot of an A&P Super Market, at 14 years old. I would hate to think that my last job in life would be “shagging grocery carts” in Publix or Winn-Dixie Super Markets Parking lots.

I’m not through “contributing to this country’s growth and prosperity”, so don’t tell me, “that’s all there is for you at 72 years old!”. Not that it’s below me, or physically challenging for me, it’s just,….well a downright waste of my waning years, your paltry $8.00 per hour, no benefits (already got them, they are called a monthly well earned Social Security payment, that I EARNED for 45 years of working and paying FICA to get, a basically GREAT Medicare Medical plan, a small pension from a “post 65 year old job for, managing aRetail Chain Store for six years, and you are shortchanging MY country as well as yours, by telling me “shagging carts is the best you can do at your age!”

We are in this whole Social Security and health care conundrum because  “OUR GOVERNMENT”, borrowed” all of our retirement money, from the Social Security TRUST Fund, to fund the Vietnam Nam war, and other things, and never asked us, and now CAN’T  pay it back.

They tell me that your resume “should not be longer than two pages”, and be concise, and not more than a “few”jobs. Only a couple of highly credible “references”, (i.e. Dr. So and so, Judge Whatshisname, etc.) My Doctor and I don’t talk, (First of all He’s long dead, and secondly, because he slapped me on the butt when I was born for no good reason!) Don’t know any  Judges,  because I never had to go to court in my 72 years of “crime free living”! But beside that,….

Please tell me why you don’t want to know who I am, nor what I did, nor for the Companies that hired me! My mother-in-law used to think I was a gypsy because I did not follow the old adage of , “…….go to work for one company and stick with them until you “retire”.” I was wise enough to see the change in American business coming ,….and they are the ones that caused today’s problems of un-employment and created a new term, “under-employed”. All those “slick terms” are only the new “bullsh*t” of the “modern business era.

I’ve never been a real Union advocate, because I realized that every employee, individually had their own right to withhold or move their “personal services” elsewhere if they were not taken care of,…all they lost was a gold watch instead of the increase in their weekly paycheck! (Until they realized they still lost because even those who were not striving were getting the same increases!)

I have always been a strong advocate of the points brought forth by a Russian immigrant to the US, called Ayn Rand. If you have not read her masterpiece called “Atlas Shrugged”, do it! If it was ten, twenty or fifty yeas ago,…..REREAD it! It is the prophecy fulfilled on the conditions of today’s business. And the “ELITE” who keep taking their outrageous compensation packages, while all the while tightening the yoke on the “workers”. They disguise it in the shawl of “THEY”, (the government) are doing it to us, there’s nothing we can do about it,….we have to do it!!

I started this article with the plea, “I need your help,…..PLEASE!” . It’s not for me,….but OUR COUNTRY! Growing up my life expectancy was about 65 or so, and today it’s over 80 I understand.

But my question is simply, “Is that the best you can do WITH  me is ‘shagging carts in the Publix or Winn/Dixie parking lots?” I created small businesses, I paid for hundreds of  mouths over my years of “entrepreneurial”, and I would like to still be doing it, if YOU and today’s world had not lost their “faith” in entrepreneurial expertise and thinking.

The only “flaw” in our DNA is that we never stop pushing, (  nor trying to inspire others) to “try it”. AND, that like children with  ‘Attention Defeceit Disorder’ we work at 200% ALWAYS, but we need to be “rescued” from ourselves after every five or six years of “Entreprenuerial efforts”,…..or we CRASH!!

Small business is the life’s blood of America, our creativism, and our eventual greatness as a country is fueled by that core “fault” of being an entrepreneur! But don’t “….throw us in the parking lot to shag carts”. We CREATE, we provide initial GROWTH, we have the “LEADERSHIP skills and “DRIVE”, to “birth the baby, and nurture it to kindergarten,……but after that WE NEED YOU!

Help young “growing businesses”, and even “crazy ideas or concepts”, to grow and thrive. Those of us who are true ENTREPRENEURS, ……CAN’T move it beyond birth and nurturing til Kindergarten. We are limited by our ZEAL to do more, and squeeze as much as we can into our 80-90 years, we will find time to rest, and take vacations, but remember we don’t want “X” number of weeks a year, nor besides Christmas, and Thanksgiving” do we care about “paid day’s off”, we need health care, mostly for our families, and trying to sell us a retirement plan, or a 401K option is like speaking Arabic to us.

ALL WE WANT IS THE CHANCE TO CREATE AND GROW! We create our own rewards, and 4 days vacation, (5 if it’s a long distance) is more than enough, BUT when we need it ,we need it, just “suck it up Buttercup”,….now it’s your turn to keep us from a 15-20 career of “shagging carts” for $8.00 per hour. (By the way it used to be only $1.65 a hour,……but it still ain’t a “career opportunity as far as I can see!



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Naval Traditions and Customs!!!

This morning, as I was having my English Breakfast Tea and a frozen Jimmy Dean Sausage, Egg and Cheese Croissant, I turned on TV to watch the commissioning of the brand new United States Navy Aircraft Carrier, CVA 78, the USS Gerald R. Ford. Commentators were ranting on the $13 billion dollars it cost, with a few scattered generalizations about it being the most,  “Expensive, most technologically advanced and largest military ship of any naval power country in the world.” The Pride that I , as a veteran Aircraft Carrier Crewman, on the USS Essex felt  is that of watching a new baby being born.  The traditions and customs of the United States Navy date back centuries, and to add the first living, breathing,  breath of “Naval” life into an otherwise “big metal box of guns and fighter jets”, ….it’s an AWESOME event!

From it’s Commissioning today, like every ship in the Navy it have a history, a list of accomplishments, and is a prime indication of the mind of man, and the talent of the thousands of sailors that will man her over the next 50 years of her expected useful life.

Right now, without any active air wing on board or attached it still takes a minimum of 2600 sailors and officers to just make it all work, every day, with air squadrons and the attached specialists during the normal seafaring patrols to carry out it’s prime directives the ship will be a barracks, chow hall, rec room and entire 24/7 work station for as many as 4600 men, for periods of up to six months of deployment, anywhere in the world, with few and far between “Liberty calls” ashore, ….and sometimes in this crazy world perhaps the biggest deterrent, and greatest weapon YOUR country has to “hold the line”. . Some of the crew’s and Officer’s children many be over six or seven months old the next time  they see them. (And the navy wives are TOTALLY expected to pick up the slack and make it work, while a “sailor” is at sea, doing “HIS PART!). Navy wives all bond and watch out for each other during all deployments and are there to help each other, it’s always been a special Sorority, prepared at the drop of a word to go to the aid and help of any other wife and family,…..that takes a strong woman! And I for one salute you!

But back to traditions and customs. When a ship is commissioned EVERY man aboard becomes a “Plank holder” and it is recorded in his records forever, by the same token, it is an equal honor to have ridden a ship “out of Commission” and special notifications are also made in each man’s records. Through that entire period of the Ship’s life everyone assigned to that ship in ANY level, at any time, at any point, is directly responsible in upholding the honor, dignity, and supporting the Ships mission. As a sailor you know that even in peacetime there will be fellow sailors, pilots, and support folks aboard who will die in that fifty years of the ships service as well. More in War, less in peace, but the Ship has become an entity unto itself for it’s entire life. And there are always “accidents”, I’ve witnessed several during my service.

MY Ship , when I was in the Navy was the USS Essex CVS 9, “the fightingest ship in the Navy”. Her keel was laid in 1942 at the height of WWII, She was the first carrier of a “class”, much like the Carrier commissioned this morning. Others copies pretty much the same will follow from the same “mold” with improvements and changes for the better as the “First in Class” becomes the guide for betterment.

Yes,  it is a “War Ship”, but it has hundreds of other tasks it can perform, like humanitarian aid in natural catastrophes, like earthquakes, floods, etc. It can also perform medical services wherever needed, when ever needed, as well. Not just from war injuries, but special surgical efforts like cleft palates, deformities, and vaccinations, anytime, anywhere! A ship is an “AMBASSADOR”, It also serves as a primary show of strength to those who would dare to go outside the guidelines af human decency. Like the recent “rain of missles” we unleashed on Syria for the use of chemical weapons on non-combatants and civilians, or the base of operations for the raid that netted Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan. It was a launching platform for the helicopters and Seal Team Six, but it was also their protection net, their medical base for injuries and evidence confirmation.

So now you have an idea why sailors are so bonded to their ships, no matter when, where, or how long ago they served on her! (All ships are referred to as “her”, but Submarines are all “Boats”, regardless of size.)

At a commissioning the ceremonies are really and truly chilling. Here’s a brief rundown. The CNO (Chief of Naval Operations), introduces the Captain of the Ship during the official commissioning , (President Donald Trump was the official who commissioned her this morning) , The Captain then reads his “Orders” to proceed to join the ship as she is in her last six or eight months of construction/preparation. He officially takes command at the Ships Commissioning.

He then calls on his Executive Officer, (#2 in Command of the new ship) to “Set the Watch”. The Executive Officer then calls a Junior officer to be the ” Watch Officer”, or “the go to guy” until relieved, there is always a watch officer aboard a commissioned ship of the US NAVY,  at all times. The Executive Officer then calls three enlisted men for the “Watch ” , one is the Watch Officers “Messenger”, who delivers any messages that need be delivered to the Captain or upper level crew members or Officers.

The second is his “Communications” mate, he transmits any messages to the watch officer received from the fleet Command or other authorities regarded as important, including some levels of “security levels”.

The third is a “Bo’suns  Mate” who is the “security man” to cover any intrusion , discipline, or other problems and emergency discipline or restraint needed during the watch.

Once they are posted and acknowledge posting (which occurs for the life of the ship including it’s eventual decommissioning, until they are officially relieved of Duty, which is a commissioning ceremony in reverse order)

The Executive Officer gathers their report and,  “Sounds Off” and tells the Captain, “The Watch is set, Captain.”

The Captain will then tell the Executive Officer, to “Have the Crew Man the Ship!” Then all of the enlisted men, who have just been formed in ranks and waiting, break rank and head to their “Duty Stations” with all due haste.

The final command inclusion (sometimes not even spoken, particularly during a Commissioning of a vessel),  the “Have the Crew Man the Ship” at a commissioning also includes the expression,  “Man the Rails” an old term whereby the off duty crew members, line the edges of the ships deck and “stand at the ready”, indicating they have assumed responsibility for the Ship.

I’ve personally done that, as it’s a standard act on the entrance, and sometimes the exit to and from a port of call, much like wearing your “Sunday Clothes” to church, no work uniforms, etc. Just full dress uniform stand at the ready,  and remember “YOU ARE THE UNITED STATES NAVY, and BE PROUD, of your ship and your country!”

At that point the Captain will end the commissioning ceremonies and set the protocol for departure of everyone, the  most respected and honorable guests to crews wives, families and visitors, upon which usually they will proceed to an area ashore for refreshments.

During this time the ship willl come to life and TOTAL control and readiness and responsibility is transferred directly to the Captain and the crew and all future Captains and Crew until she is eventually de-commissioned, or lost.

May sound a little “corny”, but after you’ve “been there, done that” as they say,….you can REALLY appreciate your role in it, and the great responsibility and ASSET  you have been entrusted with to protect and defend YOUR COUNTRY!!


July 22, 2017

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As a lot of you already know, my wife and I just celebrated 50 years of marriage together on June 10, this year. And along with the champagne, party, and renewal of our Wedding Vows at our Parish Church,was the pile of Greeting Cards (actually more than the number of Christmas cards we get each year!) etc.

But as I reflect on that , a month later, …..I reflect on what it took to get here, and go for the “next” fifty. A thousand jokes and one liners come to mind, because I’m 72.5 and she’s 70.6 years old. (Only saying,….what’s the probability of making 2117, ….without “drool towels”, vanilla yogurt, and liquid protein drinks being the “menu” at the next 50?

But that aside, I try and stay young in a number of ways, (most of them NOT fresh Vegetables, Fruit, and lots of exercise!) I thrive on LIFE, and LIVING, ….not just me but those around me. (For example, if I “hang” with old people I get older faster, …and if I hang with young folks, the  opposite occurs,…..I feel and get younger!!).

I’ve been reflecting on that in my daily Transendental Meditations (TWICE A DAY) for over a year. I’ve been meditating  since 2012, so you do the math,…that’s a lot of “thought time” to “go within, and go deeper, and deeper”, and watch the truths of reality unfolding before you’re eyes, and in your mind.

While we were basically VERY poor, dollar and cents wise when  we got married, WE SURVIVED! As we began a family, pursued careers and tried to achieve the “American Dream” we struggled. Barbara, (my wife)’s job was handling the basics while my job, was moving US forward in the DREAM! For both of us it was driving ahead EVERY day, EVERY week, EVERY month and EVERY year,……TOGETHER in EVERY WAY! It wasn’t about how much we needed for a down payment to buy a house, and who among us actually contributed the money to the cause. We knew the “jointness of our marriage, not the “my contribution, and YOUR contribution” It was an unspoken,….but fully understood by both of us!

I won’t lie, there were times and situations where it was almost overwhelming, there were times, and situations that pushed BOTH of us (us meaning individually and sometimes jointly) to a “BREAKING POINT”,…..but WE DIDN”T BREAK!!!

And that is the real point of both LOVE and MARRIAGE! It’s like a playground “see-saw”,…..you can go one way, or the other, but the hardest thing to do on a see-saw is to achieve perfect balance! And marriage has to be that “perfect balance”. Too much one way or the other, ……and there is no balance! If it were just a board where one sat on on end and one on the other and it did nothing how much fun would that be, and who would ever put one in a park? And just like a see-saw, it’s a constant battle to try and achieve that balance , no matter how much you work at making it happen! In fact that is the real “KEY” working 24/7 it’s to “TRY”, at 100% every day, and keep trying to make it happen, knowing full well the amount of time you’ll spend in “perfect balance” is a VERY SMALL percentage of the whole of your time together in marriage, or life, which are BOTH the reality of where you are today!

While no one is “ALWAYS WRONG”, and neither is no one “ALWAYS RIGHT”, the art of a relationship lasting, is when to “DIE UNTO ONE’S SELF” ( or in the vernacular, “SUCK IT UPAND, MOVE ON to the next problem, situation , or item in that life. ).

The REAL MEASURE of any relationship is simple,….can you succeed going in both directions,… OVER TIME TOGETHER! Can you “FORGIVE” even if you are convinced your argument is “right”, and your point is “right”?

Conversely can you capitulate, and accept FORGIVENESS, as a reality of life, and not part of your “RIGHT TO BE RIGHT”,…..even if you can refute, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt,……HUMBLY AND ACCEPTINGLY?

Such is “LOVE AND MARRIAGE” , the result is a stronger bond, a four lane highway to success and your very own,…. fifty + years of mutual love,…and respect!



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So, the chicken or the egg? Always been question,……BUT,.

I always had a hyper curious mind and I am always trying to expand my knowledge base, my educational levels, and all the other parts of life and the world I can possibly squeeze into the time I’ve been here, going on 73 years now!

When I was in the Navy in the 60’s, I was heavily involved in Anti-submarine Warfare, in a number of different facets, as a Second Class Petty Officer, or equivalent of a Sargent, I was both a dry sponge, when it came to seeking and learning about every aspect of ASW, equipment, strategy, implementation, and the interrelationship and aspects of Oceanography which were keys to making success of it.

I was even asked, by the Admiral, When I was on his staff of the entire ASWEPS, (ANTI-SUBMARINE WARFARE PREDICTIONS SERVICES) Commander, when my divisions Lieutenant  fell and broke his hip he would be out for several months,  if I could handle his job, when I was, only the Leading Petty Officer of the division, until they could find a replacement for him. It required a Master’s Degree in Oceanography, and various scientific aspects like “Sound Propagation in Water” etc., etc. Long story short we received orders after that to be decommissioned in a year, thus my shortest stint as a “Division Commander” in the U.S. Navy.

But several years ago, I got a copy of “U.S. Naval Proceedings” magazine and it had some great articles, so I signed up for a subscription, and I love it. Most of the Articles are written by Active Duty or Retired Officers and Chiefs, (maybe I’ll send a couple in, what’s the worse that an happen they get rejected.). But there was an interesting article this month (July 2017)  , titled “Where are the Cyber Warriors?” By Captain William J. Toti, U.S. Navy (retired).

It’s topic was “Who is actually fighting these Cyber-Wars today”? The  first third of the article was about  was about a call President Franklin D. Roosevelt made in 1939 to the Chief of NavalOperations because the war drums and the seeds of war were germinating in 1939 when this happened. Roosevelts question was as to how the CNO, four star Admiral Harold Stark as to how they would employ our 39 year old Submarine Force if we were pulled into , what would become World War II!

The answer was that Submarines were a very technical area, and the Chief of Naval Operations, was not up to speed on them, But he would ask the Pacific Submarine Commander, a Rear Admiral. When he got the CNO’s call Com SubPac was asked “how the plan for “unrestricted submarine warfare” was coming??” ComSubPac told him he had a man with him now who was his ‘expert’ on it, and passed him to a Captain, who basically told him the plan was to shut down the Diesel engines and go water tight and stay submerged and in fact “crash dive” , and stay submerged until it was safe to surface again, but currently that strategy had a problem in that the “head valve, VH-1” didn’t shut quickly enough to implement the tactic.

The CNO asked the Captain to put the PacSubCom Admiral back on the line. “Yes sir,” replied the Rear Admiral. The CNO went on to tell him that he never got an answer on how to use the submarines in combat, and that the technicians sounded like they were running the show. He closed with the advice to the Rear Admiral that, “I think you need to get some warriors on your staff!”

His point was very simple IF we have too do war, make it happen and win it, PERIOD! Much like today , not too much changed since 1939  when that call transpired! If we really think about it our most successful “war” types, they are committed and know how to win and why they are doing it,……so RECOGNIZE THEM, ENCOURAGE THEM, and LET THEM DO WHAT THEY DO BEST! So to paraphrase Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939, “How are we handling this ‘Cyberwarfare stuff?”

Sound like President Donald Trump’s Philosophy and strategy of “WAR” with the liberal factions eating out country alive,.. otherwise….the factions that will passively ALLOW our great nation, and our new generation of “powers that be” will be the first generation  to LOSE A WAR for AMERICA!!!

Cyber warfare is the way of the future, let the “Warriors” of this generation do the job that only they can do! The engineers can solve problems with the “valve that won’t close”, the logistics gurus will figure out how to get them made, shipped and installed, and the AMERICAN SPIRIT OF OUR WARRIORS WILL MAKE IT BECOME A “WIN”!


The other day, Friday, on the way home I stopped at the mailbox and picked up our mail. Usually when I get in the house I sort it on the dining room table, into three piles, HER MAIL, (including all the women’s, and that kind of catalog, or flyers addressed to occupant), and anything specifically addressed to her). Next is the “OTHER” pile of catalogues, flyers and “other” stuff without her, or my specific name, and then third third pile MY MAIL.  I leave HER PILE for her to handle on the table, put MY PILE on top of the “OTHER” pile and put it on the side table, by my recliner in the living room.

Later in the evening, after supper, or a lame commercial, (which most of them are nowadays), I’ll open the MY stuff first and “further assess, rip up, or save for additional review, and then use the “OTHER” pile as a holder for the remaining “Junk mail” after a QUICK review for importance. One of the four page flyers in MY PILE, caught my attention and after “review” I saw in it not only an article , but this political commentary, was,  a noble cause alert/fund raiser, that caught my attention in four pages. So today is when I pick up the “other stuff” again after a couple of nights of sleep, to see if it still strikes me worthy of keeping. This particular one most definitely did, and was even stronger than the first time I saw it!

The cover page showed a herd of cattle meandering in a large pasture, and a line of 20 mounted “cowboys” looking ready to “head ’em up, and move ’em out”! It was sent by the “SEMPER FI Fund”, and had “bullets” highlighting ” Neurofitness, Hero Stories, and Programs” So I turned to page 2, listing the Founder’s Bio, and comments, the Chairman’s Bio and comments, and a thank you blurb about a couple who matched their “Double Down for Veterans matching challenge. This couple agreed to match EVERY DOLLAR UP TO $10,000,000.00 !!! They have supported, and it has brought the total campaign since 2012 to $31,000,000.00! That is a significant amount of money, considering the economic conditions from 2012, -2016 during our country’s wimpy growth percentages over the period, (Thank you Barry O”, Harry “the huckster”, and Nancy “the third grader”). But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

What they accomplished was; $19,500,000 in “Assistance Provided in 2016, to 22,300 Grants, and 5,400 Service Members and Families Touched! OK you caught my attention! How’ed you do it, and to what extent? The next line and,  it’s purpose was really interesting “902 Grants Issued  to Care Giver Retreats” (a most significant and most CRITICAL cause to be sure, If no one takes care of those needing it by  “taking up the yoke” at their own cost and giving freely of themselves, it’s like the good book says, No one else will!),  Critical illness support 741 Grants Issued, Canine Companions, 737 Grants, 1,169 Grants issued for PTSD/TBI devices, 141 Grants Issued Adaptive Home Modifications and Repairs, 338 Grants Issued for Specialized Computers/Software, and more,….totaling the $19,500,000.00. That’s over 22,349 GRANTS in total. GRANTS mean no return required, that is huge to guys who could never make it based on just “disability”,……let alone continue to have a family and modified life,….like the rest of us!

My point is two fold, HELP these folks if you can, most of my extended family were fortunate and at least five of us served our country and came home “whole” mentally as well as physically!

And Secondly to President Trump, and Vice President Pence, the Secretary of Defense, Sectretary of The Veterans Affairs, and anyone else involved: How much would it take the Government Printing Office to send out a four color, report with pictures and facts like these to every United States Taxpayer and SHOW US YOUR THOSE RESPECTED  GOVERNEANCES  ACCOMPLISHED FROM 2012 -2016, and  WHAT THE GOALS ARE FOR 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019? (PLEASE, Consider the total cost of the printing of all draft, and copies of the “Affordable Care Act” as the guideline for the decision, as well as all the other waste and abuse we know of that has yet to be fixed! That is a fair “comparative yardstick” to a VALUABLE use of public funds.

Not a huge request, but if you really want to “”Drain the SWAMP”, help us understand why basic things, like those who gave limbs, mobility, and mental health for EVERY CITIZEN of this COUNTRY, rely more of average Americans to support their REAL needs than the “GOVERNMENT”.

I close with a reminder, of truth,  from the lips of former PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN, ” “The scariest nine words in the world are,’ ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help!’ ”

While we AMERICANS, are a noble and giving people, and will , by our very nature and history  continue to be, IT IS THE GOVERNMENT’S SACRED COMMITTMENT TO CARE FOR THOSE WHO HAD TO ENDORSE THE CHECK FOR “UP TO AND INCLUDING MY LIFE”, in the service of OUR COUNTRY! And that includes the lose of limbs, capacity, and life of a “regular American who can learn, get educated, gain meaningful employment, raise a good family, and even become PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Because that’s the guarantee of our Constitution, and Bill of Rights, by the blood of our Declaration of Independance, (all of which we don’t seem to value enough to teach in our schools anymore!)






July 16, 2017



Upon rereading yesterday’s entry (PART III) I realized I ,“inferred” that Chief Conesega gave us the format of the confederation, that became the United States of America. In further researching today I would clarify it that the Chief made Benjamin Franklin AWARE of the architecture of the Native North Americans agreement’s structure and Franklin valued it enough to utilize it in his further works with the Continental Convention in utilizing it with the concepts of the “56 Founding  Fathers” in developing our Constitution., and signing that document, forever sealing their fates, and YOURS, MINE, and ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS THAT COME AFTER US.

I  also did some “curiosity” research on what became of the original signers of the “Declaration” itself. (See the few below paragraphs for today’s entry on “Journalling” and think about it seriously.) Despite my advancing age, I never knew any of our “Founding Fathers”personally”, but only by “hearsay”, …..as did you really know anything about me, or my grandparents before reading this series on “journalling”,….right? Hopefully the following paragraphs will give you more insight and more “feeling” about the humanity, and minds of those 56 signers, as human beings, and as regular folks who REALLY realized what they were doing, and the CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR ACTIONS TO THEM PERSONALLY!  As  the rest of these results, they portray the outcomes of those decisions, …..and the true facts to back it up. Consider, this the next time you make a descision , and ask yourself COULD YOU HAVE MADE THAT DECISION, KNOWING THE PROBABLE and  ACTUAL   CONSEQUENCES  it HAD on their personal lives and that of their families? That my friends is NOT idealistic,  but  the force of the value of the “RIGHT kind of thinking”. (Something exceedingly lacking in 2017’s citizenry!)

Both,  John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, wrote voluminously after they signed the Declaration, (Check out the “Federalist Papers” some day and realize another little secret, they wrote them under “pseudonyms so as not to bias their readers on the need to ratify the original Contstitution and Declaration of Independance and the Bill of Rights, documents), and as author Joseph J. Ellis pointed out, “Adams, particularly, whom History would not treat nearly as kindly as Jefferson” they were both  pragmatists who were keenly aware of the distinction”,  ” between History , as experienced, and History as remembered”. That is at the core of the IMPORTANCE OF SELECTING AND NOMINATING SUPREME COURT JUDGES!! Their job will be to INTERPRET THE LAW AS IT”S WRITTEN< NOT AS THEY “THINK IT WAS MEANT TO MEAN”!

What about the other folks who were signatory of The Declaration of Independance, ever wonder who they were and whatever happened to them, like I have? Sure we knew some of them for their long term “fame”, subsequent fame and notoriety, like Adams and Jefferson,  but what of the rest of them? Here’s the short version; from an article I found;

”    5 – of the original signers were captured by the British, and judged to be Traitors, and tortured before they subsequently died.”

”   12 – had their homes ransacked and then burned to the ground”

”    2 –  lost their sons serving in the Revolutionary Army, and another had two sons captured”

”    9 –  of the 56 fought, and died from wounds, or hardships of the Revolutionary War.”

“THEY SIGNED AND PLEDGED THEIR LIVES, THEIR FORTUNES, AND THEIR SACRED HONOR!” That was not for medals, bonuses, promotions etc.

AND, as a final thought, “What kind of men were they?  24- were lawyers, and jurists, nine were farmers and large Plantation owners, men of means and well educated., and those of our “Founding Fathers” whose signatures are NOT on the Declaration of Independance include , GEORGE WASHINGTON, JOHN JAY, ALEXANDER HAMILTON, and  JAMES MADISON (of  whom TWO subsequently became the FIRST the FOURTH PRESIDENTS of the United States, and Hamilton became the FOUNDER of the UNITED STATES COAST GUARD AND FIRST SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY, AND FOUNDED THE NEW YORK POST NEWSPAPER. . JOHN JAY WAS THE FIRST CHIEF JUSTICE OF SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES, and SECOND GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK.

They didn’t sign because of disagreement, but other business that precluded them from being there in Philadelphia when the Constituion and Declaration were signed.

So now ask yourself, “If you were around in the 1760- 1780 period, would you answer the call like those folks did?

Enough on that.

But see what “Journalling” can do for all of us, it is the chronicle of OUR individual history, thoughts, and a reality which may otherwise be lost forever. What if Anne Frank never wrote in her diary/Journal? THAT is truly a first person documentation that the “Holocaust” actually happened if there ever was one!

Today we can hire “GHOST” writers, and “hypothecate” a pretty good story ABOUT someone, but it is just “a story”, not their real thoughts and innermost feelings of that moment in time, given by their own hand and eventually found and to be given to the world,.. in other words IT WAS NOT not “THEIR” story to us, flaws and all, for the betterment of the world, and to answer a lot of those who wonder, including their relatives, and the rest of us who have inquisitive minds and want to know better,….but the opportunity has past us by because they weren’t  there!

Don’t let that happen to you, believe it or not, some day, in the future most likely, someone will wonder, who you REALLY were! I don’t care what you think, how smart you are, how well you can write, or spell, or present it in the rules of grammar. IT’S YOUR STORY, TELL IT ANY WAY YOU CAN, BUT DON”T LEAVE THIS WORLD TO LEAVE US WONDERING WHAT YOU REALLY THOUGHT OR WHO YOU REALLY WERE!!!

As most of you, who follow me, or know me, our youngest sone Jay, passed away this past February 2017, and there are hundreds of pictures of him, which are being circulated, they prompt memories for everyone who knew him,….but so far we have nothing OF HIM, DIRECTLY FROM HIM. That is a single large regret of mine, but knowing Jay he would have given us that smile he had, and said something like , “Maybe when I get famous and older, like you Dad” Now it can never happen, (sigh)!

None of us can cheat death, and particularly when it happens,  but you can change your future after you are gone by leaving YOUR thoughts, it’s YOUR last chance to really share YOU  with the world, ….LET PEOPLE KNOW YOU, they can’t judge you, you won’t lose a friend, a job or a thin dime by doing it. BUT YOU WILL ENHANCE A WHO BUNCH OF FOLKS both here and in the future, WHO WILL THEN REALLY KNOW YOU!

Part IV on love, family and, other parts of you in the next couple of days, hope you’re hooked and I’ll let you know if I get a chance to present “JOURNALLING” to the rest of the world so some others will realize “God doesn’t make junk, that’s label we put on ourselves”! Let me know if YOU can help, it’s that important to me, and I will go anywhere to spread the word, not MY word, but the importance of YOUR word as time passes.

Act quickly, at 72.5 years old, who knows how much time I have left, and I need to begin, the rest of my “JOURNAL”!


SIDE NOTE: When our youngest Grandson, James David Corcoran, Jr is old enough to read and write, I WILL strongly encourage him to begin “Journalling” , as little as he remembers, of his Dad, “JAY”, as he passed when the little guy was less than a month short of ONE year of age, “Jay was our youngest son, just turned forty, BUT between myself, my wife, his wife Maria, and his big sister Ana, we can NEVER, give you HIS actual thoughts desires and feelings from “himself”, but our beliefs and thoughts on our thoughts and on his thoughts! FIRST PERSON ACCOUNTS ARE THE BEST, DON”T FORGET TO WRITE YOURS……PLEASE!!!



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