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Anarchy is more than a word,…’s a real possibility!!

Perhaps that sounds a little harsh, but it is looking more realistic every day. Conditions in the world are stretched to the breaking point, and the US conditions are already both broken and looking like only a third world banana republic measure will fix it, if at all.

The Democrats have all collectively lost their minds, there is not even ONE rational democratic person, that I can think of offhand, who is willing to compromise,  or even consider bi-partisan movement! WHY THE HELL NOT?????

The “mandate” given by the electorate to the “dark horse” Donald Trump has been, as the old adage goes, “Rode hard and put away wet!”. The ironic thing is that if I could win $10,000  for naming the most reasons why this upheaval exists,….I probably couldn’t do it!

The excuses and reasons are in the tens of hundred of thousands of reasons and ilks. From the “certifiablely insane”  clowns who flat will not even acknowledge Donald Trump is the duly elected and confirmed and inaugurated, and legal President of this country. To the ones who are firmly entrenched in “The Russians did it” defense for impeachment and coronation of Queen Hillary the first as Presidentess GET OVER IT!! But the myriad of places in the middle are almost more than the individual hair on a Shampoo Model’s head!

The only unifying thing is that not one of them is part of the solution. I can honestly see hard times and, most probably,  bloodshed ahead in our near history future. You can’t even have a discourse without interruption, picketing and mayhem erupting!!

And who are all these idiots fanning the flames to the smoldering unrest, hoping for a fully engorged conflagration to happen!

I do not know how to curb it, or smother it. However  my favorite line from The Godfather is, “Keep your friends close,..keep your enemies closer!” I’m beginning to tire of all this nonsense, and I have to move on with my own life, find a job with decent income, relax a bit, and look forward to a better day tomorrow. This doesn’t mean I don’t care, it just means MY life is becoming more important than the high school food fight we are fondly calling our “Government” at this time.

My concern seems to numb me!

Perhaps more later, but I gotta move on, AND I still totally support Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America. RESPECT, AND NO BLOWHART RHETORIC!!



In my 72 year old mind, living on the Gulf of Mexico, in Florida,….I just realized it. We are “screwing up” their dream for us,…, their sacrifices, their beliefs, their vision, and finally their entire lives after making that permanent decision to come here FOR US, and we don’t even realize it!!!

What am I talking about? Why am I apologizing to all my family, and long passed Grand Parents? It’s easy, and very simple,….most of us,…we are LETTING THEM DOWN!! We could have, should have and had more opportunity as Americans that our GRANDPARENTS earned for us,….the degree to which we mastered it is still a question.

First to my Grand Parents, (of whom I only met my Grandmothers), …who risked life and limb, made the decision, and came to America at the turn of the century, and early 1900’s, with NO GUARANTEES!!” No “Social Network” to support them, “No BLACKS OR IRISH NEED APPLY” on signs for job opportunities.

Why did they do it , ….to give their children, their grandchildren (me and my siblings) and OUR CHILDREN,….the CHANCE , which they believed we had in America,to be better than they could possibly foresee in the future of Ireland for us. The Bloody Insurrectionat the Grand Post Office in Dublin in 1916, the Balfour Agreement the Irish signed with Great Britain to bail them out of WWI , promising Ireland an independent homeland, which the Irish had to fight for over the next 50+ years and that became world news with “Bloody Sunday”, the entire era of “The Troubles”, the election of a deceased IRA “Patriot” or “terrorist” , your choice! But it was a damn long time and a damn memorable history that most current people of  “Irish Americans” heritage never learned about or paid attention to at all!

I had the privilege of meeting Gerry Adams, the President of Sein Fein, and reputed leader of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), personally, I shook his hand, and we chatted, and he saw the jacket I wore with the name of my Irish Pub in New Hampshire embroidered on it. He smiled and asked me if I was a bartender, and I told him yes, and no, I owned it and yes I took a number of shifts behind the bar each week as well. He asked me to wait on the front porch of the big home we were at and he said he’d be back to share a pint and chat with me after he did his “grip ‘n grin” of the suit and tie supporters to chat. True to his word about twenty minutes later he came back and sat down , loosened his tie ad we chatted for about a half hour. He asked if I’d ever been to Ireland and I said no, but I will before I die. He laughed and said I should and see alll the beauty and culture of OUR people, and know why my grandparents made the life decision to give us the best the world could offer, for the future by coming to America.

As we were wrapping up he asked me if I got to San Francisco often, and I told him I was going there in the Spring for a trade show and he gave me the name of a pub to be sure and stop by and say hello to a few of his friends. I thanked him and he excused himself to go and mingle inside and said a word to a “body guard” on his way in and that was my moment of fame with a “celebrity”, who was just “a bartender” turned Patriot. A few minutes later the body guard came back and told me when I get to Ireland just call and “let Gerry know I was there”, I would be protected.

Still trying to get to my grand parents homeland, out of the Pub business, and that was in the early mid-90’s before the Good Friday Accords and the quasi-peace between Ireland, Northern Ireland, ergo Great Britain ever came to be by two to three years!! And I got a picture with the man to prove it. ( I was also told the bakery van across the street was British Intelligence taking pictures of everyone “stopping by” the fund raiser to see if they knew anyone, or anyone of interest!

I did go to San Francisco about a year later,…. but that adventure is for another blog. (And trust me it was an adventure, with some escaped Patriots from Long Kesh a maximum security prison who were friends of Gerry and actually really nice guys,…plus more. But next time, got too reread, edit and publish this one and head home to chilll and relax for the evening.

The next one will also be memorable and enjoyable as well, at least for me, and I hope you enjoy it. Life is short, and some memories are virtually and actually unforgettable,….thank God for opportunity for an old Irish American grandson of a Seamstress, a mechanic and chauffeur , a REALteamster who delivered beer for Hafffenreffer Brewers in Boston and died ten years before I was born and never met,….to live a part of our history, their history, and to learn the real appreciation for what AMERICA is really all about to immigrants who want to become American Citizens!!


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The dreaded “Duh? Virus” is already here!!

Maybe we, as Americans, have exhausted the “gene pool”, or there is a new mutant mosquito out there that it has reached the point of transmitting  capacity to infect Americans with the Domestic Understanding Help”(DUH) virus, also known as the “stupido virus”, or the “Huh? Virus”. As yet it has lain undiscovered , but to the astute observer it has reached the pandemic level of infection.

There is no known cure for it other than the innate birth with an “open mind” , and subsequent education. (Similar to conditions in the Garden of Eden before,….well you know what happened there! Not to be confused with the current symptoms, such as the “mamby pamby education , and the politically correct  “common core” or  “Don’t make me feel bad,….I have rights too!”, and now being diagnosed on “Watter’s World” with an incisive and scientifically astute diagnosis technique made by asking common questions and evaluating the answers. (Usually presenting the following options, “DUH?, HUH? or the ultimate fake out answer, “You know I should know that,..right? (While, if I am sure and you are not, who needs the help,…YOU or me?)

Granted I’m a “knowledge seeker” and as such I “THIRST” for knowledge, any kind, anything, and a list of hundreds of thousand subjects……BECAUSE I love to learn. It works my mind, it makes me think and expand my limited framework. I never really claim to be a “professional” writer, although I have had upwards of 100 pieces published, as well as been writing blogs since 2005!

Back to the central point. Where are we going so wrong as we have generated a VERY small minority of BRILLIANT young people, and such a HUGE majority of young folks with terminal “DUH!’ Virus infections. It’s not even a centralized infection, It is a massive infestation,…..and the question is WHY????

The quality of education has declined badly. The new “On-Line education system totally sucks, far worse thn anyone can imagine. My oldest boy has one degree on them, and , my daughter has at least TWO and working on a third, and my son-in-law is just completing his first, after having been retired for at least three years, and over twenty years of SERIOUS Data Networking, ….not from a damn desk, but at places like Mount Washington in New Hampshire and which is snowed over from Labor Day to Memorial Day, boasts record low temperatures for the USA for past years as well as some of the highest wind gusts ever measured !!!

A friend of mine is completing her degree in “Human Resources” this summer, and over the past year I’ve had the opportunity to look at her “semester project list’ , and the projects them selves. In fact because I was a Meteorologist for six years in the U.S. NAVY, and made a promotion every one of those years to the level of E-6, had I stayed for an additional 4 year enlistment, and probably been able to make either Chief Petty Officer or a commission as an officer had I opted for the Naval. Enlisted Scientific Education Program (NESEP) which granted me a full four year college degree in Meteorology and Oceanography. (Calll it a Major Life MISTAKE, but I got out and started a family, figuring I could get my degree on the GI Bill of Rights,….one of many Life Mistakes I’ve made!!)

But I digress!     The “projects” are ridiculously difficult and individual civilian full-time jobs by themselves, JUST TO COMPLETE IT!!!!.

I really applaud the guts of today’s young folks to even try to try these on line “robo-schools”! You never see an instructor, get buried in projects, reading and watching videos! If you have a question, e-mail a question and the instructor will get back to you within two DAYS!! Two days later you may be in South Africa doing aid work before you get the e-mail reply!!

We need trade schools back as we have very few skilled tradesman, no system to bring them along and virtually no more recognition that a “good” plumber, “good” electrician, or “good”carpenter are “worth their weight in gold!” While I am not a union advocate, for most “job” descriptions , Trade Schools are the college for tradesmen with the apprentice, journeyman and “fully qualified ratings, (i.E. “Freshman, Sophmore, Junior, and Graduate” ) that only time and higher supervision can insure and provide for quality!

Young people today look at those jobs as “DEAD ENDS”, but trust me they are DEAD WRONG!! And even my electrician, and plumber knew who our governor, senators and US President was, not “HUH?” When they were  asked.

At 72 I’m still a worker, if I listed my experience, my achievements, education, etc. it should be a “piece of cake” to get a responsible job,…..but it ain’t for sure!! MY true and accurate Curriculum Vitae (CV) , a/k/a ‘Life’s” resume is over SIX pages long, (the average attention time of a “Human Resorces Professional” is 1 PAGE or LESS! I’ve Been looking for meaningful  work for OVER 24 months, seems my “expiration date” came up, even though I’m still here and have to deal with all the illiterate, self focused, gen-Xer’s and millenials everywhere I go!!

HEY BUSINESS owners, do you have any idea how much business you are losing by not hiring older,, educated, highly experienced people, who are focused workers who do not have a problem shutting off facebook, twitter, and all the other “critical things that occupy them , while you are paying them!

Sorry it’s “Garbage” Monday, (that’s where I simply do “stream of consciousness” and let my mind go where it goes, until I feel like stopping!!  Try it some time it’s GREAT THERAPY!!!


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“They’s catchin’ up boss!”

God love the American election phenomena, it’s like watching “Mash”, “The Days of our Life”, “The Nightly News” and “TeleTubbies” all in one. Sort of makes you feel like a bloody genius who never ran for office. Not because you don’t have the ability, not because you are fearful of failing, not because you shun notariety,…but because it is as close to Faust’s deal with the devil as life gets.

I’ve always been a crazy maverick, and if you say “black”, I’ll say “White, if you say “Up” damn straight I’ll say “Down”. Every once in a while you gotta put all the choices in a bag, shake it up good, pick one and see what happens. (Didn’t we do that in 2008? And as the “evil” George W Bush says, “So how’s that ‘Hope and change’ thing workin’ for y’all?”)

Anyway, the one guy who is so up front greedy, egotistical and everything else is Donald Trump, but what the hell! We need someone to look you in the eye, asssess everything, take a REAL business perspective and say,…” You’re Fired!” At least we can then “Hope” for a “Change”.

Now my worst subject in College was Statistics and as such I think they are mostly large quantities of male cow excrement! Unfortunately I’ve now come to believe they are the most subtle form of “mind control” ever invented. The world has become far too complex for more than a few thousand humanoids to comprehend , therefore we are totally open to anyone to tell us what “WE” think,… and God knows they are on top of it so it must be true. If I am one of you then this must be what I think and believe? RIGHT?
So I guess I love broccoli, hate “grunge” music, love being mediocre and don’t give a damn if I’m fat,( unless it hurts my chances to be a sex symbol at the local Little League game!
Wake up and get real!
Sure we have a full plate in life, every damn day! But what do YOU believe in? NOT what they say you believe,…but what DO YOU believe?
Tell me! That’s my challenge to you.


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I’m worth a bunch more than that,… STUPID!!!

            About two years ago I decided to take a break from managing condominiums and Home owners Associations for a “sanity break”. In actuality the President of the Association I was managing at the time called me and told me he needed a management company with “more resources” than I had at my disposal. Of course my immediate question was, “like what kind of resources?” And was met with a blank stare and silence! You can’t respond to a stare and silence unless you get more detail, which he obviously didn’t want to go into with me. I then asked if I had done anything wrong or offended him or any other Board members or owners,….again Stoney silence. He just handed me a six or seven page document in which he, as President of the Board, agreed to pay me six months pay over the next six months, to be available to “help out” if asked, and released the entire association all of it’s members and owners from any form of liability. (What liability? Why a formal legal release, when my contract with them simply said the , and I had the right to simply provide 60 days notice and compensation for those 60 days and it would be amicable!)

          Quoting from Hamlet,….”Something is rotten in Denmark”,…..VERY ROTTEN! But with no further communications, discussion or explanation the road had dead ended.

          I could go into a huge article of things that were done illegally, building defects that were being ignored, personal “meddling” and spending without regard for State Laws an regulations  OR adequate notice for the Board of Directors, the ownership and changing contracts, terms,etc, AFTER agreement and authorization for work and other necessities on the property.

         But that’s all I want to goo into on that at this time. I needed the break for my own mental health, ….so as the Bible says, “on the seventh day the Lord rested”. Since I was getting to be 70 a rest was in order to recharge my batteries, look at different careers from here, etc. But the one thing I know for sure is with my 50 years of business and work experience, in management, accounting, facilities management, security,  contract negotiations, managing Maintainence staffs, full working knowledge of all construction techniques, situation evaluations and other aspects that eminently qualified my in my chosen field, as well as hand’s on emergency management and property management in a dozen or more Hurricanes, etc. But all of a sudden I’m not finding anything but assumptions by prospective employers as to my experience etc., my being “too expensive”. Or worse yet, just not being an “ass-kisser” who is willing to ignore statutory violation, personal manipulations and mismanagement as a Trustee, on behalf of  the ownership.

         But enough!! There is a point where I have had to let it all go, BUT I find the “age barrier”, the presumptive idea that I may be “to” old, too expensive, (without even asking about my fee schedule or other costs!). 

         After 13 years in the field I have all but ONE specialty accreditation available, (which would cost me at least two months of time, and $10,000 to garner), I’ve written articles for national Trade Magazines, employed “handymen” and other tradesmen for all those years, been an active advocate of redress through legal methods for various discrepancies and building and construction defects that have brought my clients MILLIONS of $$$ in correction and redress! I have been acknowledged as an expert witness in State courts, as well as freelanced for Attorneys in separate cases of the same types of mismanagement, and construction defects litigation developing data, and information and providing full reports, and have been involved in arbitrations, negotiations and outside settlements to resolve cases.

         Enough of that,…..I’m still thought to be “too old”, “too expensive”, etc, but that’s all never discussed!! All I want is a couple of clients to provide me a small practice of my trade to occupy me as I age and plan to work until I’m no longer able to work, which I feel is at least twenty years away.

        But the age ceiling, and the “anticipated cost” are the barrier!! And I don’t know HOW to crack it!! I have more letters of recommendation from other Association Boardmembers, Professional Engineers, CPA’s, Lawyers, and a dozen other folks who have watched me work, quietly, efficiently, and energetically with tremendous integrity. But it’s all for naught!!
       The bottom line is I will not prostitute myself as a “yes man, butt kisser, or neglect the duties and responsibilities from the State that Licenced me to uphold! I am still highly capable and ABLE to deliver a hard days work, and all the other things needed,  EXCEPT it doesn’t seem to matter any more! 

       This creates a really scary AMERICA for the future!!

      God Bless America,…..but even God better pray harder!


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They snuck up on us,…and now we’re paying the price!!

          Since I was a kid, I loved history, and followed it for the last 65 years of my 72. History REQUIRES that you know what happened, why it happened, and when it happened, to properly assess it’s present and future impacts on the world. More recently we have looked with a lot more depth into the details and studied the ramifications of actions two or three centuries and it’s impact on us in today’s society, culturally, politically, economically, and every other function you can define.

          But I am now detecting a trap we have been lured into,….the “demand” for immediacy in history, in all of it’s sometimes ugly facets is now paramount in the “News” business, ergo our instant history source! I’ll be the first to admit I am a “news Junkie”, and my wife and kids will strongly attest to it,….in spades! So recently I started thinking about my “obsession” to know the “latest, newest, and most important analysis of the “news”! At all levels of our world, local, statewide , nationally, and internationally. (If we had expanded into other planets and galaxies, ….well, I’m sure we would have a “Mork” newscaster reporting 12 times a day for Fox News, CBS, MSNBC, and ABC. “This is Mork from Ork, reporting on the potential for the weakening of the Intergalactic travel  regulations as we move ever closer to the “open Border Concept in the existing  galaxy and those beyond Andromeda who are not as advanced and lack the necessary “extreme vetting” of refuges between galactic nations!”

          The biggest question is a simple one, …are we currently exceeding our own capacity to ingest, assimilate, and really make sound judgments on what we have, before we rush headlong to the next level?

         As a kid growing up in the 50’s and 60’s our parents, in particular our fathers started the whole thing! (That’s a new millennial “back blame” idiom,… “it’s wasn’t us, we were cast into this by our parents!”

        Dad usually got home from work between 5pm and 6pm, back in the 50’s and early 60’s. Put on his “slippers” sat in the easy chair, scanned the evening newspaper, (That’s right most “city folk” had a ‘morning edition’, AND an ‘evening edition’, of the daily newspaper, that dated back hundreds of years. Dad’s usually went to the “Sports pages” first, see how the NFL, AFL, NHL, and NBA and MLB were doing, and the “box scores” of the particular “seasonal” sport. I could write on the “salvation of the family” which were the “in-between times” when Baseball finished in early October, Football began around Thaksgiving,  and hockey commenced in December, and Basketball in Mid-January early February. SPORTS were spaced adequately that there were times to converse as a family, Mom and Dad to “go for a walk” albeit in the neighborhood we lived, and even take us (the kids) and  go to places like “The Zoo,, the Children’s Museum, or the BIG Sears and Roebuck to ogle and drool over things as Christmas got closer.   

         During the Professional Football Season, Mom would pack all five kids in the car, and “go for a ride”, so Dad could enjoy his football without a bunch of little wild Indians  jumping on him and running around whooping and hollaring. (Now a days we have “man-caves” for that purpose).

        As radio and TV grew news became more readily, and more often available to everyone. The TV networks began to battle for the viewership with names like Walter Cronkite,  Huntley and Brinkley, John Cameron Swayze, and others, and “Public Television” also appeared. The “NEWS WINDOW” began to expand from 6-7 to 5-7, and then 5-7:30 in the evening. During those times dinner, cleanup and dishes  and “homework” were the time-fillers. BUT then the network folks started thinking, …..and along came 20/20 , and 60 minutes, and that ilk!

       But the “biggie”, that changed our lives was Turner Network Broadcasting, created by Ted Turner in 1980, as an all news network 24 hours a day for the new kid on the block, “cable TV”. It was an insomniacs nirvana!! It was constantly morphing and getting more professional. It’s zenith was in the early 1990’s when we went to war in the Middle East. It was live that evening when George Bush Sr. announced the invasion to drive Iraq out of Kuwait with a “coalition” of Nata countries as well as in the field video taped bombs falling, explosions, fighting, and armored war machines plodding through the desert, and all the gory reality of a REAL WAR! It was enthralling, everyone watched it out of more morbid curiosity as to what “war” was like,….for real. During Vietnam Nam we had filmed clips assembled with “voice overs” and comments by the network anchors back in the studios. But now we saw “Wolf Blitzer” broadcasting from the roof of his hotel, amid dropping AND exploding bombs and a 100% vicarious overview of LIVE war. We were hooked at that point on live news! As the New York Papers are for of saying, “All the news that’s fit to print”, …..AND WE WANT IT LIVE IN REAL TIME,…..NOW!!!

       Our emotions, our fears, our “curiosity”, and our apprehensive and skeptical  natures were demanding it.  “We have the capability, the capacity, and the power to make it happen,….and we DEMAND IT!”  So they gave it to us!! And we’ve been paying for it ever since,… numerous ways, our cable TV, our willingness to let “talking heads” killl our at least supposedly honest written media, a/k/a newspapers etc. . Allowing Special interests and others “direct” access to our minds via “breaking news, special alerts” and other “grabbers” to suck us back in to what’s happening NOW!!

      Perhaps we all need to regulate life more earnestly, and go back to “NEWS” at 6pm and reading a newspaper if you want to find objective “sides” upon which to make your decisions, not that of all the networks, be they be “fair and balanced” or other!

     I’m ready to start the back to the 50’s and 60’s “NEWS CYCLE” just to bring down my blood pressure and aggrevational level. Oh and don’t get me started on the same thing on SPORTS! To me, I think sports are good, but NOT the be all and end of life. News is important, BUT it seems to be controlling more of my life than I’m ready to give it, and it’s time to make a change.

     Maybe I’ll speculate on the “vehicles of change” possible in the next couple of blogs!


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St. Paddy’s Day willl never be the same!

As you all know our youngest son , James David (Jay) Corcoran, Chef extraordinaire, Father extraordinaire, and a dozen other “extraordinaires”, passed away on Valentine’s Day after a very short three day battle with bacterial menenghitis. If you scan back in my blogs you will find one called “The Jaymeister”, which I penned a few weeks ago, on  February 23, 2017, nine days after he passed away.

This past week my wife and I flew to Salt Lake City, Utah to be part of a “Celebration of Life for Jay. It was mind blowing for me, in that 125+ folks crammed into a small Pub with 20′ ceilings and a ladder behind the bar to climb up and get the “Top Shelf” booze, a 15 foot tall glass window frontage overlooking the only Ski Tow Chair Lift in the middle of town on Mainstreet. Except for the circumstances, I could have sat there with a pint of Guinness to just watch the folks ski down, pop off their ski’s and snowboards, and walk the twenty five feet to the Pub, (Called Butcher’s Chop House!) for some “anti-freeze” before the next run.

But I was……. soooooo …….impressed with the number of folks who came. And all the great stories and rememberances of our son that they shared with us. It really was one of the best things I’ve ever gone to, again considering the circumstances. It was a real “family affair” as a lot of folks brought their children, and a little foresight had provided for crayons, drawing pages, cut outs and enough stuff that they had a ball and we barely heard a peep out of them.

As an Irishman from Boston, I’ve been to my share of “wakes”, both “Irish” and the others. They are usually very somber things which because everyone gets on their “Sunday best”,…..well at best it’s a little surrealistic! Personally I hate them, that’s no way to remember someone, and relay your rememberances of them to others and listen to new rememberances from others.

As I said in a blog several days ago, you will find most folks are en “enigma”, or a mystery. But you usually don’t know it until they pass, and for the most part that is a fitting way to remember them.

To all who came, “a heartfelt THANK YOU!” And a confession that just as I told you a few things about “Jay” as a young man growing up, from you I heard stories and comments about what he did , for you , with you, and for others. We, his Mom and I, both left Park City , Utah with a new and joyous vision of “the Jaymeister” , the man he turned out to be, the husband he was, and the Father of our Grandchildren, Ana, and Jimmy! No words can adequately express those feelings, but it speaks for itself!

Life is a “Celebration”, and that’s what we need to celebrate for anyone who passes! The religious side of a passing is one thing, and as a “religious thing” it is a restrained celebration,….because it is “the eternal everafter”. Personal grief is just that, a deeply personal and a singularly personal experience,….but the joy and thanks you see at the “Celebration of Life” for the memory and experience that is shared,….well like the commercial says , it’s “PRICELESS”.

Thank you all, and I await your stories and rememberances so I can share all of them amongst all of us , his parents, his family,  his close friends, his caring friends, who made his life both a memory, and a REAL celebration of the “life well lived”.

I referenced a song by Annie Lennox from “The Lord of the Rings” entitled “Into the West”. That is how Jay will be remembered, and how all of us felt, and would also like to be remembered by our world!

Traversing to the “other side” is a  human soul’s journey alone  for all of us, over which we have no choice but to make at the end of our life. Until then my new friends, breath the air of freedom every day, share the heart’s joy of love, and the memories, and bond of friendship which ONLY we can give.

Love as well as memories don’t really exist, ….until we give them away!!

Farewell and Safe Journey my Son,…..we’ll miss you so much.



A few weeks ago I was watching 60 minutes, and they were doing a follow-up story on the “El Faro”, a cargo ship that sunk off the Bahama’s  during Hurricane Joaquin in 2012 (??).

After several years have gone by since the sinking and the loss of all 43 souls on board the voice recorder was found, and has been recovered and analyzed. It shows the Captain stayed with the Ship and was trying to help the helmsman get off when all radio communication ceased.  He obviously knew they were doomed but did what every Captain of a seafaring vessel was charged with as long as history and communications have existed! He went down with his ship!

Most of you ask WHY? That’s stupid!

In a single word  to answer,….WRONG!!!

Let me tell you about the sea, the ships, and the “Captains”, ….and why the only stupid one on a ship is someone who offers a “better solution” than the Captain, or try’s to out think the Captain. It will only get you one thing,…..your own demise. As in the El Faro, it documented the Captain still on the bridge trying to help a helmsman to get off the ship before what he already knew too well was the only ending available to the Ship, himself and that crewman, and anyone else that could not clear the area of the ship successfully!

Read and research a little and see how many Captains went down with their ship, going back as far as we can document this. It is called the “Code of the Sea”. It’s not specifically written anywhere, BUT if you ever find yourself at sea and your living I guarantee you learn it quickly!

Captains come in all sizes, shapes, appearance, educations, and yes experience. They are not all the gigantic cruise ship, well dressed, well manicured, well educated and politically obligated folks whom everyone thinks is a “real nice guy”! Yes it is part of the Captains persona if you a cruise boat Captain,…….BUT first and foremost you are the CAPTAIN!

But it is equally true, as Captain Smith of the RMS Titanic aptly demonstrated on April 15, 1912 in the North Atlantic Ocean. (I have traversed the North Atlantic in the spring on a US Navy Aircraft Carrier,….and I will attest to it being a dicey experience, where even the most ardent atheists demonstrate the ability to pray fervently!! If you’ve not seen a big ship, like a cruise ship, or aircraft carrier up close I recommend you do it. They are awesomely big at the pier! But again I will testify, it is like riding a wine cork, in the angry sea, when your first meet with “the weather” ,…..and you will pray too. (Understand the Cruise Boat Captain is paid , and is supposed to direct things so you never really experience  the “angst” as a land lubber! But even good Captains are human! However do not doubt for a second that the Captain is your only real hope to survive and get ashore, dry, happy and thankful. But for those of you who have had a “lousy cruise” because of seas or the weather,don’t blame the Captain. Right wrong happy or sad you’re home,…rather than the other alternative.

The reason I wrote wrote about this topic is multiple, not just my service in the U.S. Navy, but primarily my friendships with MANY different Captains and their serious nature when it comes to the sea, and the responsibilities that they feel and TOTALLY understand they have for the lives and safety of their crews, passengers, and friends,and bringing the boat home in one piece.

A good friend was a New England Lobsterman, as a friend I helped him where I could with the time I could give him as he started his career. I was the guy sitting on the stern of the 13′ Boston Whaler hauling 25 -30 lobster traps at a time, with only 2 (TWO) inches over the gunnel (The distance from the edge of the Upper level of the boat to the ocean!) Were we “overloaded”?,… hell yes, but it was the most effective way for us to deploy the lobster traps. The boat was new, and sound, the motor was new, and sound and George, my friend was definitely Captain Material. He took the responsibility for his equipment, his crew, and his  obligations.

Over the years I spent Saturday’s or Sundays working as his “sternman” allowing his regular sternman a day off. (Another act of reality for a good Captain). A “sternman” is responsible for 1) loading all the bait on the boat, being sure all the necessary gear is ready and available as needed for the trip. Then during the trip wrestling the 90 pound individual lobster traps, (fished in trolls of 6-8 strung together with about 60 -70 feet of rope between them) from the “starboard”, or right Side of the boat, down the entire right side length, or rail, across the back (stern) and up the left rail, or Port side) while the Captain was still pulling them up and shoving them “down the line”. Multiply 6, or 8 traps with 80 feet of rope from the “cute little colored bobbers” to the first trap, the 30 feet of rope holding each one to the next one in the trawl and another 80 feet of line and another “buoy” at he end!

As a “sternman”, it was your job to , open the traps, pull the “bugs(lobsters) measure them to be sure they are of “legal length” and throw the legal back  in a “keeper” tank , or bin. The rest went back to grow some more. All the time you are kicking coils of rope at your feet from the first buoy to the last and every lobster trap between them!  When the last trap is pulled and put o the rail the Captain will yell “clear?”, the Sternman yells “Aye”, and the Captain leave the wheel and winch on the starboard side, crosses to the port side, yells “Bouy Away” and throws the first bouy and 8 feet of line in the water, which pulls the first “Pot” or lobster trap over, then all the rope to the second, third trap, etc, until the are all safely back settling in the sea, til the next time you pull them. If you screw up and a line wraps around your foot, your on a fast track to drowning with a line wrapped around your leg. (If you ever do it, carry  a VERY SHARP knife in a holster around your thigh or calf, JUST IN CASE, otherwise you may be  “TOAST” with 450 pounds plus pulling you into the ocean with no regrets!

I have met several “Commercial Fishing Boat Captains”, (as opposed to “Charter Fishing Boat Captains” who go out for four or eight hour cruises with passengers hoping to land  a great “prize” fish, or a “bunch of fish” to brag about to their friends back home.

Commercial Fishermen will generally go out for 3-10 days at a time, depending on the weather, the Distributors  need for fish, and what the market will bear to maximize earnings for everyone. They work as long and as hard as it takes to make their assigned poundage (quotas) from the “Brokers” ashore who buy the entire load and distribute it to wholesalers, retailers, and whatever other “markets” they have who will pay the best prices.

(N.B. The government has an “Observer Program” where government observers have the right to call and say “We’re going out with you next trip.”. Ostensively to observe the type size and amounts of fish caught. Even commercial fishermen have “Quotas” and fish they are outlawed from catching based on the Federal Regulations. Frankly I disagree with Federal intervention totally. Fishermen are VERY SMART people, and understand if they over fish an area, as foreign vessels have done in our waters for years, or catch endangered species,….well they are out of business! And I have never met a stupid commercial fishermen or stupid Captain in my life!!)

But every deck hand, or non-Captain knows their lives, their income, and their job depend on the Captain, and the sound decisions he makes as “The Captain”!

Rule #1 The Captain is the ONLY Boss aboard.

Rule #2 Refer to Rule number 1.







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“…so do I need to be retrained,…or something!”

I tend to venture into the political too often, in fact way to often, according to my wife and friends, but I can’t help it,…I CARE!

As a kid growing up in Boston, Massachusetts if you are more than two days old you’ve met a politician(they still love to kiss the babies up there, know?). Forget Little League, Pop Warner Football, life in a big city is all about the body politico. Everyone knew someone, and everyone of them knew a politician, all you need do is ask and you could be steered to “a firend” who could “pull a few strings”, but those were the “good” career politicians, they were the “Robin Hoods” of city life,…but despite all the shenanigans and ‘deals’ that went down they were relatively likeable people. Between 8 and 12 years old you were working every saturday distributing flyers and leaflets to mailboxes all over the city. Four or five of us would show up at a corner, a guy would pick us up and off we’d go to a different part of the city. We’d be given ample flyers and instructed to “start at this house and put one in every mailbox ( actually illegal as the Post Office frowns on anyone but them putting anything in a mailbox, regardless of race, creed, or Democrat or Republican!),and go all the way down the street, Jimmy you on the right side of the street, Tom you on the left. I’ll be back to pick you up in an hour and we’ll be going to the 12th ward next.” At the end of the day, about four hours or so, you got a couple of brand new dollar bills and a candy bar with the admonition to remember to tell your folks to vote for whomever because he looked after everyone like family.

The only time you ever  really saw “The Candidate” was on a grainy black and white 9″  TV or in the Annual St. Patrick’s Day parade in South Boston (gotta give ’em credit they were out and visible) I think it had long been a tradition that they all go to a big restaurant in “Southie” (South Boston) called Dorgan’s, in the morning of March 17th, have a big “roast” (not the food type, but the comedy type) and then roll out onto the street to “grip ‘n grin” for a few hours with their constituents during the traditional Boston Evacuation Day Parade, i.e. “St. Paddy’s Day”.

There was a clear line between “us and them”. While they granted favors, and did do good things, to a degree, you would get your mouth washed out with soap,and a good beating, if you ever told your folks you wanted to be a politician when you grew up,….but looks like not enough parents used enough soap, or “thrashings” from the sounds of our currently elected dear “Washington Wizards”.

We have a President (Obama) who is borderline delusional, thinking HE is the government, and only HE knows what’s right, and HE is going to make it happen by commanding it. On the other hand you’ve got the other folks down there who don’t trust each other let alone the great “Grand Pubar” and the WE of “We the people,..” just have to sit and wait until November of 2016 to change things,…….maybe. Sometimes it’s just a collective apathy saying “I don’t really give a damn who’s up there,…no one can fix that mess” and we all muddle forward for another four years.

But as a “fully vested” Senior Citizen now one of my biggest regrets is that I “checked out” of politics at age 12, aside from going to the polls and voting after that. But do I REALLY know who I’m voting for, or more importantly


I’m voting for! I became a cynic, of the first degree!!

Don’t bribe me with rhetoric and promises of things that can never be, or lies that hurt me and my family. Just be an American and do what we expect of you,…defend our country, bow to no one, apologize to no one, but above all be HONEST with us,…don’t try, as the vernacular says, and”play” us.

Here’s a good question,…ask yourself before you doze off tonight ,…and wonder what went wrong tomorrow morning , “Are you a “receiptient” or an AMERICAN! Make a difference, take your idea and run with it!!! That’s what’s America is about!

Whether it is starting a small business venture, or deciding that “enough is enough”, and run for a local office and TRY and make a difference,…..DO SOMETHING!!!

I served my country in the US Navy, did my best, and rose through the ranks and was literally YEARS ahead of my peers in promotions, recognition, and PRIDE in what I did for my country,… was my duty, as an American we have to remember why we are free,…because MANY others spilled their blood for us, that we could say what we want, rise above preconceived notions, and become the literally “flesh and blood” of being an American.

So where did we fail?

It’s easy,….WE LET THE SYSTEM RUN US,…instead of the reverse.

GET OFF YOUR BUTT AMERICA,…before you are back in the shackles and chains from 1775, of the clowns in Washington.

We are better than that,….we are AMERICANS!!


Tom Corcoran


Posted by: guinness222 | March 4, 2017

So why write “Blogs”since 2005?

Easy, I’m a writer,….not a “techie”, and the frustrations of trying to ‘just write’, versus all the notices of, “insufficient data” and “duh’s” when I type something IT thinks is wrong,….and,….well ’nuff said!

I’ve not been writing for myself, but more to be a “voice in the wilderness”, MY VOICE, is with my my ideas and comments. And my purpose is to generate THINKING, amongst my readers. Right now I’m trying to gather ALL my blogs, (Probably over 1500 entries) since 2005, and that covers about 12 or so Blogs I written, or begun and made some individual entries before moving to another “catagory” but basically I have NOT categorized each individual blog, (mea culpa, mea culpa, mean Maximus culpa) roughly translated from Latin from a response within a Catholic prayer, it translates to “…my fault, my fault, my most grievous fault.”.

ATTENTION!!!! If you know anyone who is really “fluent” in WORDPRESS, please have them get in touchy me. My “learning skills capabilities” from the previous 72 years are running into a real roadblock. I read books on WordPress from the “Index”, not even the “table of Contents”, and I am going crazy from all the “asides”, tips and tricks, etc. A book of groupings with an effective index, (in larger than microscopic type set, would be immensely appreciated! Here’s what I want to do! Simply take my 1500 plus entries, set up a set of classifications and assign every one of them , then group them into a “readable” sequence, and submit them for publication, or self publish them under the title “Man’s Unfinshed  Symphony of Thoughts on the wold today”

I would like a collaborator on this project. Contact me at “”

Looking forward to hearing from some of you!


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