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Over the hill, means you CAN’T look back!!!

I’m thinking very seriously of doing one of those “books” which they print, bind, etc. and you just fill the pages, either with pictures, or writings. I was thinking of putting about 50 – 75 of my “blogs” together and self- publishing the book. At least it’s not “gone” as soon as I go, but will at least collect dust on my kids, nieces and nephews, friends and relatives, and dear friends book cases for a while! Who knows some of them my even read the “book”, and say (I hope,….”gee I wish I got to know him better”)

At 72, (45 days to 73!) regardless of how good I’m doing per the Doctors, I’m getting closer to my “expiration date”, or (as the food and medicine labels say, ” do not use after *******).  I begin to realize so much more, that I “took for granted” in my own lifetime, as being what the kids today, including my own, read in the history books, and nieces nephews, and other relatives and friends simply occurs as “when the dinosaurs were around”,…history. BUT I LIVED IT!!

I honestly don’t know how many people read this, because it is not that important to me. IT IS ME, MY THOUGHTS ON LIFETIME, LIBERTY, AND THE ADVENTURES of “a regular person” and more importantly the existence of a being that 99.995% of the people alive in my short term of life never knew, or thought about.

Now is the time to remember it, write it down, and DO something with it! The costs of printing books these days is cheap, self publishing has become so inexpensive you can afford to do a project like this,….for cheap dollars!

So let’s begin,….how about a Title, (or working title) so I chose the title of this blog entry, “Over the Hill, it means you can’t look back!!!”. Why? Because as the prayer of St. Francis says, “Change the things you can and accept the things you can’t!”. Sometimes it applies to you, and your actions, attitudes, and judgements, but on occasion,  it’s about those around you, family, friends, relatives.

We all get a ticket to ride this Merry-go-Round we call life, and some are even fortunate enough to grasp the brass ring as they go around,…but most of us miss the brass ring, …or can’t see it as we whirl through it. How about you?

Off we go, here’s the plan; I’ve started reviewing each of my 690 blogs (no typo, I’ve written 690 of them to date, since 2005!) Guess I should have started writing earlier and pursued a career there,….but alas I didn’t. I really think it’s a true mark of my heritage, as the Irish seem to be prolific writers, poets, drinkers, thinkers, and ‘real people’. They have never really been what we typically call successful “entrepreneurs”, despite all those you can sight that have been there.

But the Irish have, “the gift of gab”, the gift of story-telling, and the gift of “blarney”, (look it up!). Additionally these fine character qualities are the basic of becoming a Politician, an elected official in government at any level, an “asset” at any Pub they chose to frequent. Much like politicians they have a “following”, as diversified and varied as is imaginable. But none of these, except politicians, translates to a money thing. I strongly recommend you get a copy of “The Last Hurrah”, a biography of James Michael Curley, Iris Mayor and “Godfather” to the City of Boston, Massachusetts. That is a core definaition of not only the Irish, BUT the principles of the Democratic Party of this country today and for the past 70 years!!

I know this is more of a “ramble” than a “pointed specific topic and article”,….but alas my heritage is IRISH.

Stay tuned for “Over the Hill.,,,,Part 2



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Age can sometimes bring stupidity, as can power, and battle!

As any of my readers know, I was in the US Navy for four years plus 2 in reserves in the 1964-1970 period. I started in weather observation/forecasting, and was then sent to a “C” school with orders to an Admirals Staff position upon completion, as an ASW (Anti submarine warfare environmental technician) technician. So what you ask? I still love the Navy, and would have loved to have spent my career in the Service, BUT,…..being married and two children under three years old and an Aircraft Carrier Billet,…meant long separations, and it was my choice to go home after my enlistment and try and be a father to my children and a real husband to my wife,

That said I still love the Navy and joined as a member, The U.S. Naval Institute, to keep abreast of what was happening as I grew older and when your memories are far better than the original conditions, (which make for a better long range, or BIG PICTURE, view of life, and your role in it over the years, AND into the FUTURE!.

In a most recent issue of their magazine, there was an article that caught my attention, in the August 2017 issue of  “Proceedings” written by a retired Commander in the ASW realm, named Dan Dolan. It was excellent, and spot on as to history. I was in the Navy during the period in question , and have direct info and input, which I am posting and will try and find a way to send to Commander Dolan.

Despite being accosted by Submarines in WWI, and then again in WW2, and even with all the time and water that went under the bridge, since those two wars, in which the Germany Submarine, and it’s tactics were better than ever each time they came out “to play”, we were woefully behind them. We built be most of our WWII submarines in Portsmouth, NH at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Years (20ish) ago I found a book, and was fortunate enough to live about three miles away from the yard. The title of that book was “32 in 42” (???????) that chronicalled the building of 32 brand new US Submarines in ONE calendar year! Consider today it takes multiple YEARS to build a single new Sub.

Technology has greatly improved, (as has the cost of building a ship), but the one thing we learned from the Germans was that we MUST advance or be following their growth again, as in the fifty years that had passed by the beginning of the Vietnam Nam era. A submarines strength lies in it’s ability to hit and run, UNDERWATER, to surface again and do it again, or lie quietly and wait for targets to come by, much like a shooting gallery at a carnival. And in many cases it’s presence isn’t known until a torpedo has done it’s work.

For surface ships we have developed radar, larger and more accurate guns, diversionary tactics,  as well as many , many things we don’t have a clue about, since they are highly classified! But until the advent of sonar we were blind as to thei even being a submarine in the immediate area. And the hundreds of other new advancements in both submarine technology as well as “deflecting” coverings which can, to a degree render a submarine some “invisibility” to a searcher.

We have also developed numerous more weaponry to both “evade”, or “blind” a submarine’s radar. But this is all a “tit for tat” relationship as well, and is the current mod of research, and development in the world for all country’s possessing submarines.

The one thing “anti submarine warfare” (ASW) has been plodding alone in is the vary nature of that which covers our planet,……oceans, seas account for 4/5ths of our earths coverage, while continents and land covers only 1/5th!!. The Centuries of “Armys”, and the history of “War” was relatively restricted to the land areas until a scant 600 years ago, and look how far we’ve come in army’s, and even conquering the biggest environmental obstacle of our world, the sky and air. We’ve even begun inroads  to “outer space”, which offers a virtually an infinite place for weapon placement, delivery, and “hiding” in plain sight!! It has caused a reduction in Naval and Land defenses, as the immense potential of access to power, control, and political control resides more fully in that realm.

But I urge the world to re-look the naval capabilities, as they offer the same possibilities as space,,….yes more problems, but far more potential in my opinion. We have really become to “large” as a planet, to live with the mindsets of “conquest” and “military dominance”!

That being the case “conquest”, and “military dominance” is really no longer an option, so much as defense and deflection is the mantra for the next several hundred years! We all know that MANY states have the ability, and capability in a multi overkill capacity, but it will leave desolation and devastation so large that the “conquest” will bankrupt the “winner” who must “rebuild a conquered area” to be of value will lose their standing due to both the costs, and the technology needed versus the devastation reeked on the “loser”

It would, it seems, be a circular rotation of countries into “control and power”, while yielding nothing to an ever shrinking “society” which is deteriorating from within.

Regardless of all the options, it all is boiling down to a political future, and only dictators, and idiots can survive,…….a sad commentary on the growth of mankind!


December 2, 2017

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Writing for giggles!

“Writing for giggles” is a term a frustrated writer, like me,  uses to indicate writing for no compensation, or to “further our expertise as a “quasi-professional writer” or “expanding my writing world as I am recognized!” That be me!

The earliest I can remember was shortly after being able to dream, as a child. And so I began, if something struck my fancy, I would pick up pen and take to writing. As I wrote, I learned how much more I had to learn to be a writer! But the long term result was still the same, practice, practice, and even more practice! As a Freshman in High School, in 1959, I agreed, actually requested to write, for a semi-scientific school science publication in the early 60’s. The name of the publication was “The Fermi Quarterly” supervised by Brother Bauer, the chemistry teacher at my school, Catholic Memorial High School in West Roxbury, Massachusetts. I passed on the school newspaper, the yearbook, etc. because I enjoyed writing “my way”, lots of research, flexible  deadlines, and very little revision.

My first “assignment” was to write an  article on the level of destruction within a 20-40 mile radius of detonation from a 5 mega-ton atomic Bomb, but I would not not be denied. With  the amount of time I spent in the Boston Public Library researching and documenting my research, it was truly Hurculean! (You have to remember this was a mere 17 years after we first knew there was such a thing as an “Atomic Bomb”,….my research was impeccable, and massive for what was available at the time to the general public. I was so proud of it I figured that even if I wrote it with one of the old “fat” crayons on a paper bag,….well, I had left a meaningful mark on the world for posterity. And it was published in o ver 3,000 copies for various science classes, etc.

My mother was very sickly in my younger days. She had contracted polio in 1946, spent time in an “iron lung”, and it occurred just after getting pregnant with my little sister Judy. Who was born in 1947 in January. The only side effect for my sister Judy was a complete, or minimal coating of enamel on her teeth, which put her in dentures and braces, etc. from 8-11 years old. To this day trying to find a picture of her with ANY smile was, and is like trying to score a trillion dollar lottery prize with one “quick pick” ticket. My dad did all the cooking, cleaning and housework. (In a lot of respects he was easy. My sister Judy, loved sandwiches of Miracle whip, and I loved plain buttered white bread with regular table sugar sprinkled liberally over it,….YUM!)

As I grew older I started keeping those memories in the dark recesses of my brain as I grew up. Even today I can conjure them up pretty accurately when I want, and sometimes out of the blue, to which my wife of 50 years, says “What are you talking about”, or “Where did that come from? (Thank you God for such a powerful computer between my ears from the 1945 period to now! (Sure wish you sent an instruction manual with it!!)

All went well, until I went to college, Bridgewater State College, 1962, it was a teacher’s College until a couple years before, then Massachusetts decided they didn’t need as many strictly “teacher’s” colleges. So they converted about five or six of them to full Colleges, with more majors, teachers, classrooms, etc. I was going to major in English and History,…..until I took my first English course! The very first assignment was to write a paper on the ( Similarities and Differences between Tragedy and Drama”),….Ooops! But I went home took the entire week, and wrote my heart out after researching and writing for what seemed like forty hours of my life,…in one five day week!

I eagerly awaited the return of the graded article and the joy it would bring me. The following week after I turned it in I got it back on Friday,… red, on the top of the page was “F”! I don’t think I have ever been so angry in my life,….it was bordering on “MAD!!

I wet to see the instructor, and she said it was a grammar exercise, in a creative writing format. I`!! She was obviously not a good teacher and did not care if the CONTENT was flawlessly accurate, and documented! So I dropped her course, and eventually dropped out of College in December 1962.

Here we are 55 years later, and I’m sure she has probably died, but to this day I still think Content is 85% of the “grade” of all writing, 15% the remainder!! Perhaps that has been my motivation to continue to write! Not only that, but currently “apps” like Grammarly and auto correcting apps, cover the English 101 courses MAJOR goals.

I’ve been published in several different Newspapers, without a single comma, period, or bit of grammar being changed by the editors! Granted they were monthlies, then weeklies, then finally dailies,…..but my words were out there for the whole world to read,….that was the objective, ….not Pulitzers, commissions, or bonuses! That is enough for a serious writer,…….or so I though for 72 years,……but as I grow up , at 72, I think I’d like to have some monetary recognition of my hard worked for talents! Particularly since I really can’t afford to “retire” as the money and the normal cost of living preclude it.

The bigger question is how do I make it pay, not a fortune, but enough to make life more than franks n’ beans! That is the long explanation of what “Writing for Giggles” is all about today.

And I must say my fifth grade Nun, Sister Alice, taught me well how to diagram a sentence and check for improvments. But the bigger problem, which I think began back in the 60’s were the lack of real teachers, but the marathon “ to put your time in and grab the retirement and pension” became the goal and not the VOCATION of teaching, and helping children aspire to learn more,……not just get “passed” to the next grade. (And now they don’t even worry about that, because you almost have to get arrested for indecent exposure or paying for someone to do your papers and paying cash!!

The good old days of belief and motivation and career choice are gone, now it’s “how much money can I make,and do I have to REALLY work a full week of 40 hours, and how many sick days and optional days do I get, ….and how many free stock options are involved?

Just sayin’ , It ain’t like it used to be!!



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Getting Ready to have a real fit!!!

When you’re down and out, hold up you’re heard and yell “SHIT”! (Doesn’t solve problems,…but it sure feels good!

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July 20, 2016

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…Yes, we are indeed one of God’s strangest creatures!

And I’m a “prima facia” witness of that,….but let me expand and show you what I mean.

My parents did the VERY best they could to provide me with the best educations available for both grammar school as well as High School. Both Parochial and rigid to be sure! Just as their sacrifices were in the 1950’s and 1960’s, it was virtually a financial “no go”,….but they found a way to make it happen, ….and not just for me, The oldest child of their marriage, BUT my other four siblings as well! We ALL got the best we could get from them,and that bore that sacrifice heroically, and unbeknownst to us the children! Little did we know piling all the children in the car after school and going to see my father every Friday, was not just to say “Hi Dad, we love you! Though the window as he came out of the A&P Supermarket he worked for, to give our mother a pay envelope. (In those days pay was made the “old fashion way” with cash in a small envelope. We would then continue to drive, and go to various places, like the Bank that held their mortgage, the pharmacist who extended them, ( and all five children) the medications, and medicines credit a young family with five children who routinely were the “germ magnets” who brought home , measles, mumps, chicken pox, “whooping cough” and things like “lice”, execema ,…and for lack of medical terminology,…”creeping crud” which also spread through the entire house!!

Now all that said, and all those sacrifices they made for us, their five children,….what did we do with it? Here’s the score card. Myself the oldest, applied to one college and dropped out before the end of the first semester. Number two,my sister, decided to become and X-ray technician, succeeded, eventually became a manager and leader in her field, until she retired a few years ago. My brother opted to do “the honorable thing” and married a girl who he had gotten pregnant and went to work for the A&P Supermarket as and “apprentice” meat cutter. My other sister, wanted to be a nurse and she completed a four year nursing school, got both a BS in nursing and her formal designation as a “Registered Nurse”, our youngest brother went to the same private, Jesuit High School as my Dad, and then went on to Northeastern University to become an “HR” specialist, and follow in my father’s footsteps as a Labor Union Worker, and eventually a Labor Union Vice President, and a Corporate Vice-President of a Fortune 100 Company, and recently retired after forty years. I applaud all of them! So WHO AM I, AND WHAT DO I REALLY WANT FROM MY LIFE?

Well for starters , after 53 years of “living”, (I was apparently a slow learner!) I’m beginning to arrive at the answers to the BIG questions in life that both my parents AND my wife and I expect our children to answer at 18 years old!

OK, so what have I “found” at 72 years old? First of all I found the college that I really want to go to, were I “young” enough to do it at this age. Secondly what would I do with that education? And Thirdly, would it have changed the woman I married 51 years ago, or a minute of my “life experiences”,…to that one,…. the answer is absolutely NO, and punctuate that with an exclamation point (!). Let me share my conclusions and wishes on my past an future life.

I wound up using the GI bill after six years in the U. S. Navy and got an “Associate of Arts in Business”, (Summa Cum Laude, I might add), plus about 100 more college credit hours for other and subsequent courses I took and passed , but not in the right order, or “regimen requirement” to get a Bachelors Degree,….but that’s ok, they can’t “suck the knowledge” out of me,…right? “I” still studied it, and “”I” OWN IT!!

But last year,after FIFTY years of research, and study, my IDEAL college to attend came forward. It would be Hillsdale College, in Michigan. Why? It is real, requires mandatory study of the “Constitution of the United States” as well as the entire “Federalist Papers”, and other (What I call “ESSENTIALS”, in becoming and AMERICAN CITIZEN), as well as ongoing communications and knowledge of the Political “History” of this country, as it is evolving!!

So what else did I decide I want? Well, at 72 you start a “BUCKET LIST”, (you know, things you want to do before you die). Since I’m already 72,and my Dad graduated from Boston College in 1938,…..I got a shot of being a graduate of Boston College, (in one my specialty fields of study, both accredited and self studied, History and Oceanography) in 2038! Exactly ONE HUNDRED years after my Dad, from the same College, Boston College. I know that would have been a Crowning glory of his life, ( he passed in 1972) and me basically saying,…”See Dad, I understand now, even if it only took a hundred years, I understand.”.

Ok so you picked up on the “Oceanography”,……that’s part two which I’ll write tomorrow,….trust me it’s worth th 24 hour wait,….I promise you!


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Medicare, Doctors, and government bullshit!!

Sure sounded good when I became eligible (no not really, when I was COMPELLED to take Medicare, ( I should have said, because you MUST go on Medicare at 65 by law!) Smartass Congress you just gave up your first rights folks, get used to it, quickly, there’s more coming at you in the ” fine print”, as well. If you are getting worker provided health care, you still have to get on Medicare. And if you decline? Guess when you retire or quit, all you got is the cheapest Medicare plan there is until their next open enrollment at which point your age now plays a SERIOUS factor with regards your payment.

I got on it at 65 like a good citizen doobie, and pay $186 a month for it now at 72 years old, (goes up every year as you age,…..surprise, surprise, surprise) Plus they send you a telephone book or “FORMULARY” of all the drugs in the world and what it’s going to cost you IF you opted for the right coverage! If not,…..welll I won’t go there right now.

Now HAPPY DAYS, if you get a decent plan like mine there is no CO-PAY for going to the Doctor or the Hospital, BUT they get you otherways. The Doctors are paid by the government, and ergo must adher to their policies and practices. For example they bugged the hell out of me to get a Colonoscopy, “It’s all covered by Medicare,….don’t worry.” Then later I find out you are entitled to one “FREE”after you sign up for Medicare and after that it can be literally years until you are eligible for another, even if your Doctor recommends it,  It becomes “Co-Pay time”. Oh and not that I miss it, you get one Prostate enlargement check every 5 years plus. (Only had 1 since I was 65,….remember I’m 72 now!) before 65 it was a once a year, so I’ve either gotten “screwed” ,…or now,  it’s based on what the Doctors are able to get paid for doing it!

As citizens we are not looking to screw the government with excess charges, etc.  BUT HELLO. GOVERNMET…….IT AIN’T US,….it’s everybody else involved in the system!!

For example, my wife’s supplemental plan, which is supposed to cover the “co-pays, excess over the amount charged, etc.has apparently COST THE DOCTOR’S, HOSPITALS,  and OTHER LABS, PROVIDERS AND OTHER LEECHES MORE THAN THEY WANT!!!

Surprise, Surprise, as Gomer Pyle used to say, so what do they do? The Hospital system sends out letters to all the patients on the plan which they “think” they deserve more for ,, (GEE MAYBE YOU GET RID OF THE STARBUCKS COFFEE IN THE CAFETERIA < NA DGO TO REGULAR MAXWELL HOUSE!!!! (NOVEL IDEA TO SAVE MONEY HUH?))

But NO they send out letters to all the patients telling them that as of December 31, 2017 they will not be accepting my wife’s and the other patients who have it insurance. I’VE GOT A MAJOR DISCONNNECT HERE!! The hospital, Doctors, Specialists, etc. agreed to the plan a year or so ago, now they feel screwed!! So  withdraw services, to ALL patients under that plan are on NOTICE. The American way says take it to court!

Of course we the customer, who are happy the insurance company negotiated great rates last time, are now threatened by the providers, the medical groups and hospitals with NOTHING in 60 days!! (We called the insurance company and they told us “We’re stilll negociating with them,….it’s not over yet!)

How do you handle it? As a businessman you mandate all contracts MUST be agreed upon 6months before renewal, or must be honored for an additional year after expiration by both parties to provide a “cooling off period” as well as letting patients find better insurance if necessary or better pricing. PATIENTS DID NOT NEGOCIATE ANYTHING,  EITHER THE INSURANCE COMPANY OR THE PROVIDER HAD WEAK NEGICIATING TEAMS, NEITHER ONE OF WHICH IS THE PATIENTS PROBLEM,…..AND NOT THEIR’s TO PAY!!

End of rant for today!


October 16, 2017


“IF YOU LIKE YOUR DOCTOR OR YOUR PLAN YOU CAN KEEP THEM.” Barrack O’Bummer  (Yeah Right you poser!!)

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A random quote from internet

how I miss the girl I love. You with whom I share a piece of me, a piece of my heart. The only one, that dwells deep within. The only one I want to spend my life with, and the only one I will spend my whole life. It is you, the one that stole my heart.

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Introducing “The Constitution of the United States”

With all of the manufactured “chaos”, false news, and other (let’s face it) IGNORANT CRAP, in the air, we need a basic presentation and discussion of the EIGHT (8) articles or segments of our original constitution, before we can understand, discuss, or otherwise even begin contemplating changing or amending, or just plain “throwing them out”.

Let’s begin with a few comments from me.

1.) It has lasted  230 years since it was originally presented to the Constitutional Convention and ratified by the States, AND their people by majority

2.) The whole “aggravation” of the past 12 years was  not the fault of “WE the people” but THEM the “career politicians”, lobbyists, and other “suck-ups” who are simply assuming we are the “Sheep”, and not “We the People” It’s OUR country,,……THEY NEED TO BE SENT HOME!! NOE or ASAP!

3.) If you have never read the Constitution, or IF you “THINK” you know what it is, and what it means, or what it says……either SIT DOWN AND READ IT, OR SHUT THE HELL UP! (You can’t talk about “I KNOW”, if you heard it in a “bar” conversation or just “heard it” from someone else)

So much for my thoughts, now let’s look at what the “FOUNDING FATHERS” really had to say,…….then tell me where they “missed the point”, or just plain “don’t understand” what the basics of “GOVERNING” a country are all about.

I. The Preamble to the Constitution, (or the combined REASON we, the disrespected people of the late 18th centuryfelt compelled to write this document.) says;

“We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Let’s look closer at the WORDS they used, the order in which they put them and EXACTLY what they meant to them.

a) “We the People of the United States,….” it started from a positive tone and a self awareness that “WE THE PEOPLE”, not someone or something else, from “the United States of America”,(or a “United Nations”) BUT, a CLEAR definition of solidarity and intention of Ultimate unity,….and subsequently defined the specific area of unity of effort.

b) “in order to form a more perfect Union”,….basically saying “you’re not paying serious attention to us, ‘the Colonies”, for what it is, what it has accomplished, and what it can become, what it has already contributed to you.. and what it has created, how much we have suffered, and sacrificed, on your behalf,… but not as an independent PEOPLE.”, and that recognition and support, which you have NOT provided us, as British citizens,….as well as RESPECT!  We are truly a ‘bounty’ for the king,….yet you treat us as ‘chattel’, or less.

c) “insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare,…”. Basically our commitment to the greater good of the entire British Empire,and the world in general, which you have also failed to meaningfully provide us.

d) “and secure the Blessings of Liberty, to ourselves and our Posterity,…..” We are not doing this for ourselves, but for our families and our successors,….for their successors and beyond, into the entire future we can provide them based on our future labors, and efforts on their behalf. Not on the “whim” of your Majesty, nor any of His/Her successors, but by our own efforts, of our own will, and beliefs!

e.) “,,,,do ordain, and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” This is the collaboration of many, the feeling and righteous feelings of even more, and the final, joint decision of ALL of the undersigned “Americans” ready to support and defend this concept, it’s governing documents, and it’s tenants of being with our life’s blood.

Any comments or questions please hit the comment button and drop me a line.



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What I did on my Vacation -2017

I decided what I really want to do with the rest of my life, (hopefully many years left even though I’m 72.6 cycles now!). My wife and I went to New Hampshire, both “The Granite State” and my former “entrepreneurial ” zone, where I had my best businesses, as well as my most “fun” businesses, to visit our daughter and 25 year old Granddaughter, Morgan. (Her birthday!)

A short “How did I get here?, But more importantly what have I seen and what have I learned?

Being a born and bred New Englander, we tend to stay “close to the Mother ship”, or return frequently for a gastronomic re-charge. For some reason we sort of like the “wild and wooly” nature of both the area and it’s residents. (That’s after you get out of Boston, and the People’s Democratic Republic of Cambridge, and out of Massachusetts.

Now New Hampshire has a fantastic logo or tag line, in addition to the “Granite State”. . Whether it’s a camouflaged ball cap of hunting season, or a “I’m a resident” type bumper sticker, as well as their automobile Licence plates. Their logo/ tag line is very straight forward and simple,….it simply says “LIVE FREE OR DIE!”.

Not only is it a logo/tag line,  but the very center of a hard core New Hampshire residents PHILOSPOHY, as well as all of it’s people, visitors, students, even it’s politicians and legislature. There is an inherent sense of deep pride that you don’t mess with attached as well.

Why and how so, are the first questions you think of, it’s a tiny state, it has few permanent residents, and it’s values seem to be a throwback to the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. It is one of the most naturally beautiful states in the entire United States, it has no State income Tax, NOR any State Sales Tax! All of it’s revenue is based on Property taxes. Ok still confused? Most folks are, ….but let me tell you a few more facts that are what New Hampshire is all about.

While it’s sole “income base ” is property Taxes, and Liquor Sales State Tax, and yes they are higher than most States, but it has virtually no complaints. Why? “I bought it, I own it, and I paid the given “tribute tax” on it, ergo it is MINE, not yours, not subject to all the ‘whacko’ rules, laws, “expectations” of others,…simply MINE, to do with as I want to do, ,….not you!”

If you want to paint your house pink with polka dot trim, since YOU TOTALLY own it, YOU are not subject to “collective”, or “politically correct” thinking to influence your decision to paint it pink with polka dot trim! Any other questions? IT IS MINE, AND I’LL DO WITH IT AS I PLEASE! I pay your taxes, but I also insure my legislators keep it that’s way, or they go out with the trash as well. That is a complete primer on the very soul of New Hampshire.

Incidentally they get a token mileage allowance, and fully documented travel expenses Annually and not “pre-paid, if they are a State Representative, and NO SALARY!! (Novel concept) they literally have more “State Representatives than our entire country! But since they don’t get paid it is a real “voluntary” endeavor that people take pride in doing. It has an average age of legislators at least 10-15 years older than the rest of the States, and the Federal Government, in addition their “rules of conduct” are a little different. For example, if you go to the gallery and observe a session, you will see “representatives” quilting at their desks, reading the newest novels, and other “quaint things” legislators do”.

Additionally, aside from everyone having a badge or ID hanging around their neck ALL LOBBIESTS are REQUIRED BY LAW to wear index size Identification tags that are a BRIGHT IRIDESCENT “HUNTER’S ORANGE”! Easy to recognize  right? And they can be fined heavily if it is not openly displayed on ANY State Property they happen to be on, or lose their Lobbiest Accreditation, PERIOD! Clandestine “cloak  room” deals are virtually impossible to do, plus the stubborn pride of  legislators is an honor code that will not be broken.

Yuppies, Politically Correct folks, “Neighborhood Organizers”, ….and all the rest have tried and failed, more times that the strands of hair on your head,…..believe it!

And they are definitely not the most litigiously driven folks either. They have three answers for any questions you might want to know, “YES”,”NO”, and “NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS”. No discussion, no argument, no waste of time. They think on their feet, “go with their gut”, and have no room for reversal. It’s the GRANITE state because it is the most apt term to describe dealing with New Hampshire folks. For example, you ride down a State Highway and notice an obviously old, estimated 100-160 year old Farm House by the side of the road, overgrown with weeds, obviously deserted, a few panes of glass missing from the windows,….but no “For Sale” sign, no foreclosure notices, NOTHING but what I stated. Sure the paint is faded, there doesn’t appear to be any electric connections, no visible pump or water connections, no TV antenna, nothing to even suspect someone lived there! DUH!!

From Former locals knowledge, if asked, your reply will be something like, “There was never a road there before John and Mary Harper built it in ’98, (that’s 1898, for you tourists, if it were 1998 the local would say “’bout 20 years ago, give or take”)! So you’re still fuzzy,…’What happened?’ You’ll ask.

While “Nothin’ they’ll tell you, they built a new house in ’99, bout a half mile back from the road, and left this one behind. “Didn’t they try and sell it, or salvage lumber or anything?”  Your response will be, “Why go to the bother, they didn’t need the lumber, they already built the new place ‘afore they moved back there, and (guffaw, guffaw, chuckle, chuckle) no’un but a dummy would buy a house that close to a damn road if you didn’t own it! Nothing but passing wagons, then trucks and damn cars tourists and “leaf peepers” after all that, how could ya’ ever sleep!”

But as time marches on, folks want the freedom and fresh air a State like New Hampshire offers, as well as all it’s majestic natural beauty. Fast forward to 2017, to our vacation.

Costs of land, building, etc., is mostly on a steep rise by “out of State” folks, coming up to get their “place in the sun”. For example, there is a small local restaurant nearby with fantastic food (in keeping with my New England Weight Loss diet of Fried Clams, Fried Onion rings and threads (more on that later), things like onion nuggets (the last or center pieces to small to call onion rings, but as little “nuggets” truly an Epicurean delight). A local “Tourist” (one who owns property in New Hampshire,but doesn’t really “live there year round) has a small four person helicopter and flies his weekend guests over to the local restaurant for lunch. He lands on the front lawn of the restaurant, a scant 10 feet from the State Highway!

By the way the New England Weight Loss Diet consists of an initial gain of 10 pounds the first week, and THEN the loss begins within 24 hours of your first weigh in. You just stop eating, and roll on with your life for a few weeks, until the weight starts dissolving, or you simply can’t eat anymore fried clams, nuggets or other things made from scratch in New England Restaurants!

Time to “roll on”, back to Florida, and the quiet “hurricane economy” we live under. The “good news” is that there are only 76 days left in Hurricane Season,…..til next year.

September 12, 2017


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